A Must Have For Maintenance Departments

Split Fuel Tank Fuel Trailer

When you’re working in maintenance, the hours in the day always seem to fly by. If you’re not fixing one thing, then you’re fixing something else, or you’re on your way to help solve someone else’s maintenance problem. Basically, there’s always something that needs to get done and that’s why it’s imperative you save time where you can. One way to do that is by purchasing a fuel tank trailer.

A mobile fuel trailer really is a must have for any maintenance department due to the fact that it cuts down on the amount of time required to fuel up cars, machinery, and other equipment used by the department. For example, without a gas tank trailer at your company, the only option that you would have to fill up your machinery with fuel every time it needs it would be to actually take it to the gas station. Having to do that is pretty time consuming, especially if you have bigger machinery that can only be transported on its own. Now by having a gasoline trailer at your company, you could avoid the repeated trips to the gas station as it will allow you to fuel up the machinery right on-site instead of having to go somewhere.

With our models, there are different selections to choose from that can be found on website gastrailer.com. One model available that is a solid choice for using in a maintenance situation is our Contractor 110 Deluxe. It allows you to store up to 110 gallons of fuel, as the name suggests, and comes with a 15 gallon per minute pump, grounding cable, automatic shutoff nozzle, and a heavy duty, lockable utility box. Another model that would work well in a maintenance setting is the Pro 110 Industrial that is pretty similar to the Contractor 110 Deluxe, but comes with a few additional add-ons such as a fuel hose reel, grounding cable reel, lockable enclosure, and an aviation rated pump and meter. In all, we currently have six models available.

One of the best features about fuel tank trailers is how they’re tremendously versatile and can be put to use in other settings in addition to being used by a maintenance department. For instance, one would work perfect for a landscaping crew that works at various job sites, allowing them to access gas without having to run to a gas station to get it. Some of the other places where one would work well include at a race track, on the road while traveling, at a remote job location, at an airport hangar, and at a boat marina.

Given that portable fuel trailers are so versatile with the different ways they can be utilized, it’s essentially a no-brainer when it comes deciding to purchase one or not. They let you fuel up machinery, vehicles, cars, and other equipment in a fast, convenient way so you can spend time on other things that are more important. To make your workday easier, find a gas tank trailer dealer near you by visiting our website.

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