Aluminum Fuel Tanks

In the fuel equipment industry, aluminum is the metal of choice by manufacturers and that’s why at Gas Trailer, it’s the main metal we use in building the fuel tanks for our portable gas trailers. Why aluminum and not some other metal like steel? There are a few reasons why, so continue reading to learn more.

Reason #1

The first reason why we use aluminum in the construction of our Gas Trailer fuel tanks is because aluminum works with gasoline. Our tanks are DOT compliant and have a Special Permit for use with gasoline. This is not the case with steel tanks, which are usually offered as personal or agricultural auxiliary tanks. Steel tanks are typically not DOT compliant or exempt for use with gasoline, so if you use them for this type of fuel, you may run into legal issues if trying to transport them with gas. With our aluminum fuel tanks that are build for and intended to be used as gasoline fuel tanks, you’ll have peace of mind when transporting your fuel since you’ll be doing so safely, securely, and in federal compliance.

Reason #2

Another reason why we use aluminum with the build of our Gas Trailer fuel tanks is because it’s a metal that’s more corrosion resistant and to prevent rust. By using a sturdy, non-rusting metal, the tank and trailer are extremely long-lasting unlike untreated steel trailers, steel fuel containers, or steel storage tanks that have to be replaced regularly as they corrode and rust away. Plus, you won’t have to worry about fuel contamination from the steel corrosion with orange color stained dilution, flakes of metal, or other contaminants and particulates. This happens with metal that is prone to rusting given that the rust itself will break off, create leak holes, or just corrode away. Unfortunately, this is all to common with the older steel tanks currently in use around the world.

Reason #3

Fuel tanks made from aluminum are very versatile, meaning, they can be used to store and transport other types of fuel as well. For example, steel fuel tanks are set-up to only be used with diesel, but with gas trailer fuel tanks made from aluminum like the DOT Special Permit tanks we manufacture, they can be used for gasoline, diesel, kerosene, Avgas, Jet A, high octane and aviation fuels, and other blends.

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Due to the fact that aluminum fuel tanks can be used to store different types of fuel, one of our gas trailers can be used in many different settings. Some of them include:

  • Airport hangars and general aviation
  • At the dock for boating and marinas
  • On the farm or different agricultural settings
  • Fleet vehicles and equipment
  • At home or at the cabin

All and all, aluminum is the right material for manufacturing our fuel tanks that are used on all our gas trailer models. When combined with the other quality components such as an aluminum trailer frame, roadworthy radial tires, polished aluminum wheels, top quality electrical components, and aluminum fuel pumps, our Gas Trailer models are the portable fuel trailers of choice among professionals and those in the know.

To find out more information about our gas trailers, visit our website pages such as the one for our Pro 110 Industrial FTS. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us for any reason.

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