Aviation Fuel Trailers Give You Control

As a pilot, you want to be able to get to your plane, do your pre-flight checks, and get in the air when it’s time to fly. However, what typically throws a wrench into the works is the need to fuel up your plane. If you don’t have fuel on hand, then you have to go somewhere to get it or even worse, wait for someone to bring it to you. Doing either keeps you from getting in the air when you want to, so, to always have direct access to gasoline, turn to aviation fuel trailers. One will let you take control of your fueling situation.

How aviation fuel trailers let you take control

The reason why you’re able to take control of your fueling needs with an aviation fuel trailer, also commonly referred to as gas trailers or mobile fuel trailers, is because you decide when and where you get your fuel, not someone else. You can take your portable aviation fuel trailer to a gas station to fill it up and then take it back to where your plane is stored to fuel it up or even store the fuel so it’s available whenever you want to fly. This is a great alternative to having to wait around for a fuel truck to come by. Plus, you can also save money on the fuel you purchase since it’s generally priced lower at a gas station than it is at an actual air field or hangar. So not only do you save time, but you save money as well.

The choices

With fuel tank trailers, there are a variety of choices to pick from as you’ll see by looking through our Gas Trailer website. Currently, we have six different versions to choose from and out of those six, the most ideal option for use in an aviation setting are the PRO 110 Industrial or the PRO 110 Industrial FTS. Each features an aviation rated pump that is electric, a 110 gallon capacity tank, and a retractable hose. The big difference between the two is how the FTS model actually comes with a fuel transfer system, allowing an operator to easily siphon fuel from 15 feet away while discharging somewhere else up to 50 feet.

An option for other fueling needs too

One of the best qualities of a gas tank trailer is how they’re tremendously versatile, meaning that they’re a smart choice for using in other situations where fuel is required. They consist of:

  • At a dock, lake or marina to gas up boats or other watercrafts
  • At a construction or logging site to gas up machinery
  • At a residence to fuel cars or any other vehicle
  • In emergency situations where fuel is needed
  • At the race track to keep your team’s car going
  • Or on the road when you’re traveling or camping

All in all, portable fuel trailers are very, very versatile as seen in the variety of ways they can be used. By owning one, you can take control of your fueling situation and always have direct access to gas so the next time you go to fly, or drive, you can just fuel up and go!

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