Convenient Aircraft Refueling

What makes an aviation gas trailer good for pairing with an aircraft is that it provides you instant access to fuel anytime your plane or heli needs to be refueled. If you purchase one, what you get is pretty much a scaled down version of a your own gas station pump. How does this all work? Well, it’s related to how a fuel trailer is designed. At Gas Trailer, all of the models that we have available come equipped with a DOT compliant fuel tank, fuel pump, nozzle, and hoses, that are necessary to pump fuel. In addition, our Pro models include aviation rated pumps and meters that are specific for 100LL Avgas or Jet A.

There is a key difference between a gas station set-up and a fuel trailer. That is, a fuel trailer is mobile and can be hauled to any location instead of being a permanent structure. In addition to the refueling features one has, a portable gas tank on a trailer also comes equipped with the trailer itself, featuring a sturdy torsion axel, radial wheels, 2 inch coupler, LED lights, and aluminum or powder coated steel finish. So, you can bring it to a gas station, fill it up, and then bring it back the hangar where your aircraft is stored to get it fueled up and ready to fly.

Fuel Pump
This is an example of the fueling components that you’ll find in our gas trailers.

At Gas Trailer, we have two models that have an aviation rated fuel pump and aviation rated meter, which are specifically designed for use with Avgas (100LL) or Jet fuel blends. Those two models are the Pro 110 Industrial and the Pro 110 Industrial FTS. Details of the aviation rated pump on the Pro 110 Industrial FTS include:

  • Heavy Duty 25 GPM Flow Rate
  • Designed for use with aviation fuel (Avgas 100LL or kerosene type Jet A)
  • UL Listed
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Also works with gasoline, ethanol blends, diesel, and kerosene

The nice thing about the Pro110 Industrial and the Pro 110 Industrial models is they are very, very versatile. For example, other uses and environments where they would be a useful include:

  • At a worksite where equipment needs to be refueled.
  • At the track for fueling up race cars, motorcycles, and trucks.
  • Out camping or fishing to keep the generator running.
  • At the cabin to fuel up an ATV, dirt bikes, or other power toys.
  • When traveling cross-country.

If owning an aviation fuel trailer is something that you’re interested in, please visit our dealer page to find a reseller near you. Or, get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about our fuel equipment and gas trailer models!

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