Custom Built Fuel Trailers

Quick Disconnect Fittings - Hose Reel
This is an example of a customization we did, incorporating quick disconnect fittings to easily remove the fuel nozzle from the end of a 50 foot hose reel.

One of the main goals we have at Gas Trailer is to continuously push our business forward. How we achieve this goal is to do everything in our power to make our customers happy. That’s why, we offer the ability to make customizations, special requests, and other changes to fuel trailer builds. Most orders are built to order, so each one can be made to meet your needs.

The Possibilities

There are all kinds of possibilities when it comes to the variety of ways you can customize your mobile fuel trailer. For example, if you want to be able to have both gasoline and diesel on hand, you can get a split fuel tank upgrade to store two different types of fuel. Or, if you want to make your refueling equipment even more safe than it already is, you could get a double wall fuel tank.

In addition to these possibilities, some other customizable options include:

  • Adding name badge plates to promote your brand or business.
  • Security features such as lockable fuel caps and lockable drain plugs.
  • Roll cage and hose quick disconnects for DOT compliance in commerce.
  • Different size nozzles to match your fuel type.
  • Marker flags for more visible towing.
  • Multi-directional swivels for easier nozzle handling.
  • Longer hose to get to those hard to reach locations.
  • Batteries and chargers to keep your electric pumps fueling.

Gas Trailers To Customize

Each one of our mobile fuel tank trailers has the ability to be customized. So, if you want to upgrade the Economy 110 Refueler with a pump and grounding cable assembly or enhance the Contractor 110 Deluxe with a split fuel tank, that’s something that we can definitely do for you.

All of the models currently offered by Gas Trailer that can be customized include:

Economy 110 Refueler
The Economy 110 Refueler is one of our portable fuel trailers that can be customized.
  • Contractor 110 Manual
  • Contractor 110 Deluxe
  • Pro 110 Industrial
  • Pro 110 Industrial FTS
  • Economy 110 Refueler

Future models available for personalizing including:

  • Portable Fuel Stations
  • Generator Gas Trailers
  • Equipment Ready Fuel Trailers
  • Economy Electric Refuelers

A Recent Custom Build

We’ve done quite a few custom builds over the years. One of the most recent jobs was to allow a customer a longer hose length to fuel up his boat. He needed to pump fuel 100 feet which is the distance from the beginning of his dock to his boat. So, he chose to customize a Pro 110 Industrial FTS that comes stock with a 50’ hose reel. Since he also planned to use this unit to refuel other equipment in addition to being used at the marina, we didn’t look to go with a longer hose reel. Instead, we incorporated quick disconnect fittings to easily remove the nozzle from the end of the 50 foot hose reel. Then, he can connect one end of a separate length of 50 feet of hose to the reel, re-attach the nozzle to the end of that separate hose, and have a total of 100’ of fuel hose.

100' Grounding Cable Reel
This is the 100′ grounding cable reel.

In addition to just easily adding the extra hose, he also needed a way to remove the extra 50’ hose section when done fueling and not have a spill or fuel leak. So, we use the same quick connect fittings and incorporated caps for the adapter side and plugs for the coupler side. This way, he quick disconnects the hose and quick connects the cap and plug to seal off the separate hose line until next time. These connect the same way as the nozzle to the hose reel.

Since the stock grounding cable reel on the Pro model is also only 50’ long, we also upgraded that to a 100’ grounding cable reel. This way, he always has enough grounding cable to reach his fueling point and neutralize the chance of static spark discharge.

Just Ask

If there’s a fuel trailer customization that you want that hasn’t already been built, just ask and we’ll see if it is realistic. If so, we’ll build it. Give us a call at 800-481-3750 or shoot us an email through our contact page. We’ll do our best to make it happen so you can get the fuel equipment solution that best meets your needs

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