Custom Contractor 110 Manual Builds

Contractor 110 Manual
A custom built Contractor 110 Manual gas trailer

Within the last few weeks, we’ve had two customers who requested to have modifications and upgrades done to the Contractor 110 Manual fuel trailers they purchased. Each customer was very specific with the modifications that they made to their refueling units and here’s a breakdown of what they wanted along with how we made it happen.

Custom Build #1 (Shown Above)

Our first customer was going to use his gas trailer in an agricultural setting, so, he decided on modifications that would make the Contractor 110 Manual more durable than it already is. The first option he chose was the double wall fuel tank upgrade, which puts a second containment zone around the outside of the internal tank. So, if the outside tank is damaged the internal unit will not be affected, and vice versa if the internal tank should leak. Given that he was going to be transporting fuel to multiple locations, he wanted to add an extra level of protection.

The second modification he made to the model was to swap out the standard 3/4″ fuel hose with a 1″ size, along with adding a 1″ OPW automatic shut-off fuel nozzle and a 1” water separating coalescer filter. The reason he wanted these changes was so that he could have the same hose, nozzle and filter configuration that he already has on other fueling equipment. This way, maintenance of the equipment and ordering replacement pieces is easy.

 Krueger Sentry Gauge
Fuel Level Gauge

The final modification was a tank gauge so that he can easily see the approximate fuel level in the tank. For reliability and ease of use, we chose a Krueger Sentry Gauge. The fuel level gauge is installed in our standard 2” tank fitting with the float valve swing arm pointing away from the internal baffles. This ensures a long-term monitoring solution with an accurate readout.

Custom Build #2 (Shown Below)

Contractor 110 Manual Custom Build
Another custom built Contractor 110 Manual gas trailer

Like with the first custom build, our second customer was also looking to improve the strength and safety of his portable fuel trailer. So, he also decided to go with a double wall fuel tank upgrade as well. For him, the upgrade meant having peace of mind knowing that his refueling tank would be safe and secure when transporting fuel, as well as during storage and operations.

Since our gas trailers and refueling equipment are built for performance from the start, no other modifications were needed with this customer’s build. The standard dual-flow hand pump, aluminum tank, and other refueling components were all that he needed.

Other Customizations

In addition to the customizations these customers requested on their Contractor 110 Manual, there are many other modifications and upgrades that can be done to this model and other equipment we manufacture. For example, on the Pro 110 Industrial FTS model, you can get a 75″ hose reel with a 100′ grounding cable reel to provide achieve longer fueling distance. Or, if you want to prevent fuel theft, a lockable security fuel cap and drain pipe lock are customizable options as well.

Our other units that can be customized include the Pro 110 Industrial, the Contractor 110 Deluxe, the Economy 110 Refueler, the Economy 110 Electric, the Generator 110 Pro, and the Generator 110 Contractor.

Additional customization examples include:

Marker Flags with LEDs
Marker Flags with LEDs

  • Branded Badge Label Plates to display your own name, brand, or logo on your unit.
  • License plate holders if you need to mount a license plate.
  • Quick Disconnect fittings (Shown to the Right).
  • Longer fuel hose lengths to reach those hard to get to locations.
  • Siphon Hose Kits on the FTS models for transferring fuel.
  • Marker Flags with LED lights for more towing visibility.

To learn more about our gas trailer models, visit any one of our product pages, such as the Pro 110 Industrial FTS, or make your way to our technology and functionality page. We’re continuously driving business forward and currently, we have a few other customized models in the building que. So, check back often to keep up-to-date on everything that we’re doing!

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