Feedback – Aircraft Fueling Efficiency

Pro 110 Industrial with Piper Sport
Duane’s Pro 110 Industrial next to his Piper Sport

Efficient fueling is a goal that every pilot and aircraft owner in general aviation practice. From the price per gallon of the Avgas or Mogas you run to the distance you’ll need to taxi or fly to fuel up, many factors go into how you refuel your airplane or helicopter. To help minimize the time, cost, and wear on his engine, our customer Duane from Texas, for example, purchased a gas trailer for both efficiency and to use the ethanol free unleaded that his engine runs the best on.

The Decision To Purchase

Duane is a pilot and general aviation enthusiast. When his time allows, he takes to the skies in his single engine Piper Sport. But since the local airport he flies out of doesn’t offer the fuel type his plane runs the cleanest on, he has to burn fuel to fly to the closest airport to top up. Otherwise, he has a 60 mile drive to the closest gas station with a load of 5 gallon cans to get the mixture he’s after.

Similar to Duane’s situation and with an ever increasing number of small aircraft engines becoming cable of running Mogas, or motor gas, pilots are quickly realizing that they can dramatically reduce their fuel costs by no longer having to pay higher rates at airports for Avgas. Instead, they can top up at a gas station and bring their own fuel right to the hangar.

As with Duane as a perfect scenario example, he let us know, “my airplane engine works best with ethanol free unleaded.” After making 60 mile one-way trips over and over again using cumbersome small gas containers to store and transport the fuel he needed to fly, he came across our gas trailer models and made the decision to purchase one.

The Model He Chose

Duane chose to go with the Pro 110 Industrial portable fuel trailer. It’s a smart choice because this Pro model was designed with general aviation fueling in mind. It features an aviation rated pump and fuel flow meter, a 110 gallon DOT approved fuel tank, 25′ hose reel, a static discharge grounding cable reel, and an automatic shutoff nozzle. Basically, it’s a mobile version of what you find when pulling up to the pump at most smaller, self-serve airports.

Piper Sport Airplane with Gas Trailer
Duane’s Piper Sport and his Gas Trailer

Other Pro 110 Industrial features include:

  • DOT compliant aluminum trailer
  • Diamond plate aluminum tank
  • Polished aluminum wheels with radial tires
  • Lockable enclosed control box
  • Bright LED marker, tail, and utility lighting
  • Torsion axle suspension system

Improved Fueling Method

Duane has experienced many benefits from owning his new portable fuel trailer. The main improvement we learned about through feedback he provided is, “the trailer makes it much easier to transport and fuel the airplane.” Since he runs unleaded ethanol-free gasoline that is not available locally with, “the distance to purchase it is over 60 miles one way”, he’s able to immediately stop making so many trips. Now, he’ll be able to spend less time in the car and more time in the cockpit.

Another Aviation Fuel Trailer Option

Built off of the solid platform of the Pro 110 Industrial that Duane uses, we also build the Pro 110 Industrial FTS. Similar in design from the outside, under the hood of the control box is what sets this model apart.

Pro 110 Industrial FTS
The Pro FTS is another great choice as an aviation fuel trailer

If you need to refuel longer distances, the heavy-duty aviation rated pump discharges fuel through its 50’ hose reel. But if that’s still not enough length, this model can be upgraded to a 75’ hose reel or you can add a 50’ hose extension to get your fuel where you need it. Plus, to easily keep track of your fuel flow while pumping, this model packs an aviation rated meter.

This FTS model also comes stock with a fuel transfer system. This allows you to siphon fuel from external sources up to 15′ away. You can transfer the fuel into the tank to transport it, or with a quick valve handle turn, you could instead siphon and pump through the stock hose reel to give you 65’ of total fuel transferring distance.

Want More Information

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