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Pro 110 Industrial Portable Fuel Trailer
Pro 110 Industrial Portable Fuel Trailer

What do college universities, city municipalities, vacation resorts, and golf courses all have in common? They have very large areas of landscaping, lawn mowing, parking lots, and more to maintain. Having a portable gas station on wheels available to fuel the grounds keeping equipment can make the job much easier.

Lawn Care at a University

Gasoline Powered Grass Trimming

The Kansas University Medical Center has a vast area of lawn, foliage, and walkways. Some of the daily tasks include mowing lawn, trimming trees and shrubs, removing snow, or digging and planting. Using various types of equipment that require gasoline to run, they were searching for a better fueling method that wasn’t time-consuming and inefficient. Having found Gas Trailer, they soon learned that there is, in fact, a much easier, cost-effective method that requires less effort and can be done in less than half the time it would normally take.

Equipment to Fuel

The University of Kansas fuels up their landscaping equipment on a daily basis. This includes push and riding lawn mowers, trimmers, bobcats, loaders, golf carts, and snow removal machinery. The time consuming method of using multiple gas cans and jugs was no longer working for them. Having so many gas powered tools, they quickly needed a long-term solution.

Riding Lawn Mower Cutting a Field

They indicated that the tanks they were using were old and unsafe on a rickety trailer. They wanted to install fixed tanks but were not zoned to do so. Proper fire code and state regulations would have added on more costs. Since Gas Trailer’s portable fueling stations are built with safety in mind and DOT compliant, the University made the smart decision and purchased one.

Gas Trailer Choice

Wanting an improved, stable way to refuel, we discussed their specific needs and how the fuel trailer they were looking for would be used. The University decided to purchase the Pro 110 Industrial. This model features a DOT approved fuel tank, a DOT compliant trailer, is built out of aluminum and stainless steel, a 25′ hose reel, and bright LED lights. Having a portable gas trailer means they can fill up all their equipment at one time, from one platform, or simply transport the trailer to wherever it is needed and fill up the tanks on their machinery.

Pro 110 Industrial Pump Components

Problem Solving and Added Safety

After being in operation for a few months, the University of Kansas let us know that they are very pleased with their purchase. The feedback we received said, “it has made the process of refueling the landscape equipment safer and more efficient saving time and money. It also prompted us to add outside fire extinguishers and look at the overall process and location.”

We always enjoy hearing from our customers, especially when they let us know we’ve helped solve a real problem with a practical solution. From the initial phone call to after-sales communication with their order, they let us know, “the whole process was very easy; you have a great product and company.”

Want to Know More

From stand-alone, fork truck loadable fuel stations to portable gasoline and diesel trailers, we manufacture different models in different configurations. Do you need a custom built unit or have a unique fueling application? We’d like to hear from you to discuss your project. Whether it’s for a business setting, government institution, or individual use in general aviation, boating, or agriculture, we’ll build what you need to get the job done. Contact us with any questions you have or let us know how we can help.