Diesel Storage and Refueling

Pro 110 Industrial Gas Trailer
The Pro 110 Industrial is a great option for using on farms, at fleet businesses, and other locations

When it’s time to refuel your equipment, it doesn’t matter if you’re laying a foundation on a construction site, planting seeds out in the field on your farm, or topping off your fleet, the last thing you want to have to do is stop the process and take your equipment to a single refueling point. Instead, save time and energy by bringing the fuel right to where you need it with a diesel fuel trailer. It’s a piece of equipment that offers portable fueling flexibility.

Fuel Trailer Components

A fuel trailer design has three primary components. The first part is that it’s equipped with a fuel tank where the fuel, in this instance diesel, is stored. The tanks come in different sizes so you can get one to match your fueling needs. At Gas Trailer, our options range in storage size from 20 to 110 gallons with selections that are currently in the design stages to hold up to 250 gallons of fuel.

The second part of a fuel trailer is it’s gas station type of a set-up. They’re built with either electric or manual fuel pumps and the electric versions include auto-shutoff nozzles. This set-up is streamlined for efficiency to allow you to refuel vehicles, machinery, and other equipment just like you would at a gas station.

The third part of a mobile fuel trailer is is that it’s a trailer providing the portability aspect. The trailer system includes all the necessary components of a rig built to last, such as a torsion axle with easy lube hubs, radial tires, polished aluminum wheels, an aluminum frame, LED lights, and an auto-charging wiring configuration on electric pump models. Given that a fuel trailer is an actual trailer, you can bring it to wherever you need fuel. Securely hook it to your tow vehicle and you’re good to go.

Other Fuel Storage

In addition to being used as a diesel storage tank, a mobile fuel trailer can be used to store other types of fuel such as:

  • Gasoline
  • Ethanol blends
  • Kerosene

If there comes a time when you need to switch between diesel fuel storage to a different fuel type such as gasoline, that is not a problem with a refueling trailer from Gas Trailer. Since our tanks are manufactured out of aluminum, they’re safe to use with multiple fuel types including gasoline. This may not be the case with inferior built tanks made of steel that are specific to diesel. But with our aluminum tanks, just remove the drain plug on the lowest point of the tank to drain and remove any excess liquid fuel left over. Once dry, purchase any fuel lines of fuel and just replace the filter cartridge or insert. After all liquid fuel has been removed, you’re good to go with using your new blend.

Fuel Trailer Uses

Refueling Equipment

As pointed out briefly, you can use a fuel trailer to fuel any vehicles, machinery, or equipment you have that runs on diesel or other fuel types. They offers fueling flexibility and are extremely useful in a variety of settings. A good example is a construction work site. When workers might not have time to hit the gas station before, during, or after work since they’re busy trying to get a foundation poured, walls up on a building, or leveling a new lot, having a portable refueling solution on site will prevent all the wasted time of running back and forth to the gas station.

Another setting where one would be a good addition is a remote logging site. Typically, logging crews work far from a fueling station using equipment that requires a lot of diesel. So, running out of fuel results in lost productivity since they have to stop what they’re doing to get the fuel they need. In this industry, that lost productivity could mean the difference between staying in business or losing it all because missing a production deadline will result in a large amount lost revenue. Therefore, to keep everyone working and profits coming in, you could use a fuel trailer to keep diesel on site to keep equipment running.

Along with the two examples mentioned, a few other places where one would work well consist of:

  • Car dealership to keep new and used vehicles fueled up.
  • Equipment rental business to ensure everything is topped up.
  • Marinas, landings, or on the dock to refuel boats.
  • Home, cabin, or lodge to fuel ATV’s, backhoes, tools, or anything else that runs on gasoline or diesel.

Interested in Getting One?

Are you thinking that a diesel storage or gasoline fuel trailer is something you’re interested in? If so, check out our portable fuel trailers first hand and in person by finding a dealer in your area. The dealer locator page on our site is a great place to start. While there, take a look at the optional equipment and custom fabricated components to customize a gas trailer for your use.

Questions? Always feel free to contact us for any reason. We’re here to help.

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