Efficient Agriculture Fueling Methods

Farming and Agriculture

Refueling your farming equipment does not have to be a time-consuming, tedious, expensive, and annoying process. There are ways to make this task easy, safe, convenient and it won’t break the bank or your back. Many farmers in the agricultural business are filling up their equipment with several small gas cans or tanks of fuel. Some might even stop what they’re doing in the middle of a field and have to drive the large piece of machinery all the way back towards the barn or even to a gas station, which in turn, will mean more money having to be spent on gasoline or diesel and time taken away from getting the job done. There are options to make life much easier for you.

Smarter Fueling on the Farm

In the United States, nearly two million people farm or ranch. Of those two million, almost ninety percent of those farms are either being run individually or through family corporations. Then there’s the consumers who spend over $500 billion dollars on food that originated on those same farms and ranches. For each dollar spent on food, the farmer’s share is only a fraction of that. So, we understand why those in the agriculture business have taken a liking to our gas trailer models that help them save hundreds and thousands of dollars on fueling costs each season.

Plastic and Metal Gas Containers

Hand Pump Mobile Fuel Trailer

If you no longer want to fill up multiple small gas cans, load them into your vehicle, drive back to location, unload them once more, and have to bend over and lift each one to fill the tank of your farm equipment, then you’ll like what we have to offer. One of our most popular DOT compliant fuel trailers is the Contractor 110 Manual. It’s aluminum and stainless steel construction assures it will last in the most unpleasant types of weather for years to come.

When it’s time to refuel, simply fill up the DOT approved tank that is securely mounted on top of the Contractor’s trailer. Now, you’re set with 110 gallons on a single, portable platform. While driving through the field, there’s no need to worry about the fuel sloshing around inside the tank because it’s internally baffled and equipped with a relief vent to avoid pressure build up.

Contractor 110 Manual with Split Tank Upgrade

Most farm equipment runs on one type of fuel, but with the Contractor 110 Manual, you’re not limited to a single tank or type. You could opt to have your unit built with the split tank upgrade to fill it, for example, with diesel on one side and gasoline on the other. If you use more diesel than gas, then you could have your tank rationed into the 70/40 split option instead of the regular upgrade to two independent 55 gallon tanks. With either a single or split-tank, the dual-flow hand pump mounted on top of each tank provides a fast flow rate of 1/2 gallon per stroke.

Portable Gas Station on Wheels

If you’d like your portable gas trailer to electronically pump fuel at a rate of 15 gallons per minute, then consider the Contractor 110 Deluxe. This model is equipped with a 12V pump, lockable control box, automatic shut-off nozzle, and particulate filter. Packing similar features to the Contractor 110 Manual version discussed above, this unit has an internally baffled aluminum tank, diamond plate tread, pressure relief vents, radial tires, polished wheels, bright LED lights, and a brushed aluminum frame. Plus, this unit and all of our models come stock with a grounding cable to prevent static spark discharge. This way, refueling your equipment can be accomplished safely and efficiently.

Clear Refueling Choice

Tractor and Trailer during Harvest

By adding one of our Gas Trailer models to your arsenal, never again will you have to break your back bending over numerous times to fill your farming equipment. You can stop making multiple trips to the gas station to fill up small gas jugs. Instead, you’ll be able to tow your mobile fuel trailer where it’s needed and let the pump take care of the rest.

Have a question or need help determining which model will best fit your work environment? Give us a call or shoot us a message through our Contact page. We’re happy to help!