Farm Fuel Trailer Equipment

Put Your Farm Equipment Refueling Problems In the Past

The tireless work of farmers and agricultural professionals often goes overlooked in today’s fast-paced world. From the daily chores and long hours to the heavy lifting and expensive machinery, a farmer’s responsibilities go far beyond the challenges of a normal 9 to 5 work day. As a farmer, you know there is always more work to be done, so you need to take advantage of cutting-edge equipment that can make your farming operations and your life a little easier. With a farm fuel trailer from Gas Trailer, your days of driving your tractor back to the equipment shed or hauling small gas cans out to the field are over.

A farm fuel trailer is your solution to refueling your farming equipment. Storing small gas cans in your barn or equipment shed is incredibly dangerous. With dry materials like hay and brush lying around, even the smallest gas spill can lead to a disaster. Gas Trailer’s farm fuel trailers are constructed from the most durable materials and fabricated with a double-walled aluminum tank to provide ultimate protection from the surrounding hazards. We realize your farm fuel trailer is going to be exposed to the elements, so we avoid using materials like steel that is prone to rusting after just a few years of use.

In addition to the safety of a farm fuel trailer, it makes refueling your tractors, combines, loaders, and cultivators much more efficient. If you run out of fuel in the middle of a long day in the field, it can take hours to bring your equipment back to the machine shed or carry small gas cans out to the field. With a farm fuel trailer like the Contractor 110 Deluxe, you can tow your farm fuel trailer out to your tractor or combine and use the 15 GPM gas pump to efficiently refuel your equipment. With our special permit from the Department of Transportation, you don’t even need to remove the farm fuel trailer from the towing vehicle to pump gas.

With the Gas Trailer Pro 110 Industrial FTS model, you’ll get one of the most advanced farm fuel trailers in the industry. As our most robust model, you can easily pump gas with the aviation rated pump, or siphon fuel from 15 ft. away with the cutting-edge Fuel Transfer System. With tanks approved for flammable liquids like gasoline, avgas, and kerosene as well as non-flammable liquids, you can use your farm fuel trailer as it best suits the versatile needs of your farming operations. And since we know your days don’t always end when the sun goes down, we equipped our farm fuel trailer models with optional LED lights interior dome lights and external LED lighting for all side markers, brake lights, and tail lamps so you aren’t scrambling for flashlights during those seemingly endless work days.

We build our fuel trailers with the hard-working American in mind, which is why they are constructed with incredible detail and high-quality materials right here in the heart of the United States. We also customize our fuel trailers to meet the diverse needs of our customers. If your farm fuel trailer needs a specific component or additional features, contact us and let’s work together to find your ideal farm fuel trailer solution.

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