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Feedback – Snow Plow Fleet Vehicle Fueling

Snow affects many states during the long winter months. Since most snow removal equipment and vehicles run on gasoline or diesel, having a portable fuel trailer on hand to minimize down-time can also speed up the removal process. This article highlights how a gas trailer has helped an automotive business in Clifton, NJ work safer and more efficiently to keep their fleet of Boss Snowplow equipped trucks running.

Snow Removal and Fleet Refueling

Clearing Sidewalk with Snow Blower

Like many other states, New Jersey usually gets plummeted with heavy snow fall in the winter. Sidewalks need to be cleared, driveways need to be shoveled, parking lots plowed, but most importantly, the roads need to be safe for everyone to drive on. For commercial plowing operators, this means their vehicles and equipment must be serviced year-around so that they’re ready for work before the first flakes begin to fall.

Fleet Operator and Maintenance Service Facility

Established in 1982 and located in Clifton, NJ, Krehel Automotive Repair not only operates their own fleet of more than a dozen snow plow trucks and vehicles, but their also a full service and maintenance repairs shop for commercial vehicles of all sizes. In addition to service, they’re a Gas Trailer dealer, Boss Plow dealer, Spyker Spreaders dealer, and Smith Salters dealer. With a lot of engine-driven equipment on location for use and repairs, Krehel Auto has a never ending need for refueling efficiency.

Boss Snow Plow Fleet in Clifton New Jersey

Keith Krehel, owner and operator of Krehel Automotive Repair, Inc., originally reached out to Gas Trailer towards the end of 2012. He was looking for a portable fuel trailer to refuel his 12 snowplow trucks during the winter months and his wave runners in the summer. At that time, the Gas Trailer product line was being overhauled to offer what is now the current model line-up. During the fall of the following year, before the snow arrived, Keith ordered and received a Contractor 110 Deluxe.

Portable Fuel Trailer Feedback

After a year of fleet fueling and other commercial uses, we followed up with Keith to find out how his gas trailer has been working out for his company. Here are a few of the questions and answers from the feedback.

Question: What scenario prompted you to purchase your Gas Trailer?
Answer: Post storm I am left with a fleet of “thirsty” vehicles that need to be refueled prior to the next storm. Problem scenario:

Fueling up the Snow Plow Salt Spreader

  1. It could take 5 hours or more to drive all vehicles over to the station.
  2. I did not feel comfortable sending “junior” employees for gas as these plow trucks are very long and awkward to drive as well. These may have limited visibility due to salters so I have to send “expensive” techs on gas runs.
  3. Post storm, we are extremely busy so even loosing junior staff, sets us back.
  4. Even with the whole fleet full, there is no “reserve” other than “problematic” gas cans.
  5. Handing a credit card or cash for 12 fill ups is awkward, and has accountability concerns.

Question: How has your Gas Trailer helped to improve your fueling methods?
Answer: Since purchasing the gas trailer, I myself have taken the most empty trucks along with the gas trailer. Advantage:

  1. Eliminating “junior” staff from operating plow trucks.
  2. Ensuring “integrity” of each purchase.
  3. Reducing fill up time by 70%. I typically take two trips for gas and this usually leaves me with a reserve for refills during prolonged storms.
  4. I can drive to the best price, availability, and use a company check to purchase at discounted “cash price” per gallon rates.

Gasoline Station on Wheels

Contractor 110 Deluxe Towed by ATV at Krehel Auto
Contractor 110 Deluxe

The gas trailer model that Krehel Auto uses is a Contractor 110 Deluxe. This portable gas station on wheels comes equipped with all the components needed for quick and efficient fueling jobs. Those features include:

  • 110 Gallon DOT Compliant Aluminum Fuel Tank
  • Road Worthy, Aluminum Trailer with Bright LED Lighting
  • 15 GPM Electric Pump with 12′ of Hose and an Auto Shutoff Nozzle
  • Enclosed, Lockable Battery Box Compartment
  • Polished Aluminum Wheels with Radial Tires

Built for use with either gasoline or diesel in all-weather conditions, this model is able to service most types of vehicles on the road. If you need to switch back and forth between the different types of fuel, all you need to do is drain the tank, empty the lines, and replace the filter. Then, fill up and start pumping.

Gas Trailer Dealer

Krehel Auto is an authorized Gas Trailer Dealer. Contact them directly for updated pricing, model availability, and optional add-ons to further enhance the ease of your refueling needs.

Krehel Automotive Repair, Inc.
955 Paulison Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011

Phone: 973-546-2828
Fax: 973-546-8859

Additional Models and Equipment

In addition to the Contractor 110 Deluxe, which is one of our most popular models, we have several additional gasoline trailers and equipment available. They can be found on our Portable Fuel Equipment page. If you need a custom fueling rig for your application or want to know more, shoot us a message or give us a call and let us know how we can help.