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Fuel Meters Save Your Business Money


When you send employees to the gas station to fill up multiple gas cans, how can you be sure they’re filling up your business’s equipment instead of personal jugs or their car? Do your costs seem to be increasing faster than the price at the pump or amount of fuel you’re equipment runs? Put a stop to these losses with a metered fueling solution such as a gas trailer. With a portable refueler on hand, you can easily begin monitoring operations and verify that every gallon pumped is accounted for.

The High Cost of Fuel

Multiple Gas Cans

Fuel prices have risen considerably in the past ten years and unless there’s a significant decrease in the cost or demand for crude oil, we won’t be seeing any relief at the gas station any time soon. Companies that rely on the usage of petroleum products have been greatly impacted by this rise when it comes to their budgets and expense reports. Landscaping companies, for example, are paying out hundreds and thousands of dollars each year for the gasoline needed to power their equipment. But, how much of that gas is actually being used in the equipment or vehicle it’s intended for?


How a Metered Gas Trailer Helps

Having a gas trailer as opposed to several small gas cans has proven to be a very efficient fueling method. Some of the features allow you to regulate usage which, in turn, will save money. A meter comes pre-installed on some of our models, while on others, they’re an optional upgrade.

Resettable Fuel Meter and Filter Combo

Just like an odometer in your car, our meters are equipped with a life time fuel flow counter. This can’t be altered and allows you to know how much fuel has been discharged since the last time a reading was taken. The life time readout works a little differently than the larger, resettable display that indicates how many gallons have been pumped since the last time you reset it. The most common way the resetting function is used is to reset it when you fill up your tank. This way, you can simply subtract the number show on the meter from the capacity of your tank. That will indicate how many gallons are left over and still available for pumping.


Meter Installed Solutions

If you’re looking for a portable fueling solution that comes equipped with its own meter, we build a couple different options that can help. One example is our Pro 110 Industrial that comes pre-installed with an aviation rated meter. The readout and display on this units makes is very easy to know exactly many gallons you’ve pumped, and how much fuel is still in the tank.

Pro 110 Industrial Pump Components

For additional fueling convenience, the Pro 110 Industrial also features:

  • 25′ Retractable Hose Reel
  • 50′ Grounding Cable Reel
  • Aviation Rated 15 GPM Pump
  • DOT Approved, Diamond Plate Tank
  • DOT Compliant, Aluminum Trailer
  • Heavy Duty Lockable Control Boxes
  • Bright LED Tail and Marker Lights

Our electric pump models that have meters available as optional upgrades include the Economy 110 Electric, Contractor 110 Deluxe, Generator 110 Pro, and Fuel Station 110 Electric. They can all be viewed on our Portable Fuel Equipment page to learn more.

Choose What’s Right for You

Are you interested in a gas trailer but not sure which model will work best for your use? No worries, give us call toll free, 800-481-3750. We’d be happy to help. Once we’re able to better understand your fueling needs, we can walk you through the features and benefits of each so you choose the model that’s right for you.