Fuel Tank Trailer for Disaster Recovery

When Disaster Strikes, Gas Trailer Delivers

You see it happen on television and you read about it in the news, but it doesn’t quite feel like a reality until it hits home. Unfortunately, natural disasters have no boundaries and can strike anywhere. However, being prepared can make a traumatic experience a little less difficult. As people come together and rely on one another for support, gas can be one of the most valuable commodities as you try to recover from whatever disaster has shaken your community.

But after a natural disaster, small gas canisters aren’t going to sufficiently fuel the large equipment and machinery necessary for relief. They also may not hold up to the conditions. A fuel tank trailer like the Pro 110 Industrial FTS Gas Trailer provides the toughness, durability, and capacity to effectively transport and dispense fuel.

While some people may be without vehicles or are unable to access fuel, a fuel tank trailer from Gas Trailer becomes a necessity. While it is exceptional for storing fuel to prepare for a disaster, it’s also one of the best ways to transport fuel to your family, your neighbors, and those helping with the recovery efforts.

Unfortunately, the nearest gas station may be temporarily out of service after a disaster, meaning gas isn’t readily available to everyone. With difficult traveling conditions, fuel supply can quickly deplete, potentially slowing the relief process. With a 110 gallon fuel tank trailer, you can store gasoline for immediate relief and help others avoid making several potentially dangerous trips to the gas station.

The ability to safely and effectively store fuel is important, but the fact that Gas Trailer fuel tank trailers essentially are gas stations on wheels make them the ultimate disaster recovery tool. With 15 ft. fuel hoses, effective LED lights, and the ability to transport fuel in or out of the tank, a Gas Trailer fuel transfer system allows you to distribute fuel where it is needed most. After a disaster, you have more pressing concerns than figuring out how to fuel your vehicles or relief equipment, so it is best you include a fuel tank trailer in your recovery plan.

Whether it’s for personal use,  your business, or your community, having a fuel tank trailer readily available can expedite the recovery process and make life more comfortable for those around you. While the machinery and equipment needed for recovery likely will require accessible fuel, you may also need fuel for your personal vehicles, fleet vehicles, and generators so you can do your best to continue living your life.

Disaster recovery is a long, difficult process that can test the fabric of a community. When resources become less accessible, it’s important everyone comes together to ease the relief process. Having a safe, convenient portable fuel tank trailer eases the process and allows you restore normality to your life. Find a Gas Trailer dealer near you and find out more about why our Gas Trailers are an essential tool in your disaster recovery arsenal.


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