Fuel Tank Trailers Built in the USA

When we first began Petro2Go, the business behind Gas Trailers, in 2011, our number one goal was to build a quality portable fuel trailer option that would last. We knew that in order to accomplish that goal, we realized that we had to lay a foundation for a solid business operation based in the United States. At this operation, we would not only oversee the design and development of our fuel tank trailers, but the fabrication of them as well. Two years later, we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to accomplish our goal and that our portable gas tank trailers are “Built in the USA.”

Gas Trailer is based out of the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. The major reason why we’ve been able to accomplish our goal of building top quality portable gas trailers is due to the fact that we strive to employ, work and partner with both people and companies located in the United States. Our main business partners are spread across four different states that include our home state of Wisconsin along with Kansas, Illinois, and Florida. The major components that go into all of our finalized fuel trailers primarily come from these business partners.

Currently, we have six portable gas trailer models to choose from starting with the Traveler 20 Manual that is designed to be used on the open road. It provides you with a flexible fueling option if you’re camping, traveling, boating or yachting, or just in need of some extra fuel from time to time. In addition to the Traveler 20 Manual, the other portable gas trailers we have available for fabrication consist of the Contractor 110 Deluxe, the Contractor 110 Manual, the Contractor 55 Manual, the Pro 110 Industrial, and the Pro 11 Industrial FTS. All are Patent Pending to distinguish ourselves from any potential competitors.

What is convenient about these types of fuel trailers is that each can be utilized in a variety of settings. They include work or construction sites, at home, on a farm, at a cottage, at an airport hangar, at a marina or boat landing, and even a logging site. They’re extremely versatile, making them more of an investment instead of just a purchase. For example, if you have an airplane fuel trailer in place, you can save money by having a stockpile of fuel around instead of having to pay high prices every time you want to fly. Plus, you can save time too by not having to wait on someone else to bring you fuel.

To find out more information on the fuel trailer options we have available, please feel free to browse our Gas Trailer website and if you want to learn how to get your own portable fuel trailer, click on this link to find a Gas Trailer dealer closest to you: Gas Trailer Dealers.

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