Fuel Trailer Modifications Continue

License Plate Holder Modification
Shown here is a license plate holder modification

Providing customers with a gas trailer that meets their exact specifications is what we strive to accomplish with each and every build. Most recently, we had a customer who wanted a license plate holder for the portable fuel trailer he ordered. This wasn’t a problem at all since we already offer a license plate holder as an optional upgrade. However, he wanted a modification to that upgrade and here’s how we made it happen.

The Regular License Plate Holder Upgrade

License Plate Holder Upgrade
This is a photo showcasing the regular license plate holder upgrade

Our standard optional license plate holder displays a license when mounted under the trailer frame directly below the rear badge. This positions it in one of the most visible locations on the trailer. Constructed out of stainless steel and built to last, it features side and bottom lip channels to securely hold the license plate in place. Plus, it has bolt holes pre-drilled so you can secure the license plate to the holder to eliminate the fear of it coming loose.

When ordered with a gas trailer, we’ll install the license plate holder for you. But if ordered afterwards, we’ll include the bolts and lock nuts so aftermarket assembly is easy.

The Modification

Diamond Plated License Holder Modification
Diamond plate license holder

Our customer wanted a way to display a license plate, but didn’t want to go with the regular below-the-frame option due to the fact that he was going tow his trailer through sand and on the beach. With the off-road travel, he was worried that the license plate might get damaged or torn off when towing. So, we came up with a slick, but simple, modification to the license plate holder upgrade and instead of having it below the trailer, we installed in right on the lower left corner of the Contractor 110 Deluxe’s control box. It’s tightly secured and we liked how well it turned out that we decided to now offer it as another upgrade for our models. If interested, just ask when contacting us.

Gas Trailers with Options

Contractor 110 Deluxe Gas Trailer
Contractor 110 Deluxe Gas Trailer

The optional upgrades, like the license plate holder, that we have available can be installed on the following rigs:

  • Contractor 110 Deluxe
  • Contractor 110 Manual
  • Pro 110 Industrial
  • Pro 110 Industrial FTS
  • Economy 110 Refueler

Some of the other upgrades available for most of our models consist of the following selections:

Gas Trailer With LED Marker Flags
Shown here is a gas trailer that features LED Marker Flags and a roll cage
  • Lockable Security Fuel Cap
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Market Flags with LEDs
  • Multi-Directional Nozzle Swivel
  • Quick Disconnect Fuel Hose Kit
  • Roll Cage
  • Split Fuel Tank
  • Double Wall Fuel Tank
  • Extended Fuel Hose
  • Drain Pipe Lock
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fuel Meter
  • FTS Siphon Hose Kit
  • Deep Cycle Battery
  • Battery Charger

At the end of the day, we’re all about making our customers happy. We say this all the time, but it’s something we believe in. If you have any questions about our products, please give us a call or shoot us a message through our contact page. If you’d like pricing or a simple cost quote, visit our pricing request page. Let us know how we can build a portable gas trailer that meets your fueling needs.

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