Fuel Trailer Upgrades and Add-Ons

Fuel Meter With Filter Fuel Trailer Option

At Gas Trailer, we’re constantly improving and innovating our product line. When we discover something with our fuel trailers that can be improved upon, we work to make it happen which is why we have a variety of new upgrades and add-ons available for our refueling models.

One of the new options available is a split fuel tank. By getting this option, you essentially get two gas trailers in once since it splits the fuel storage capacity of a larger 110 gallon tank into two separate 55 gallon tanks. With the two 55 gallon fuel tanks, you’re able to store two different types of fuel at the same time. For example, gasoline can be stored in one tank and diesel in the other tank.

Along with the split tank, another fuel tank trailer upgrade available is the double walled tank. Even though our fuel trailers are very safe with just a single wall, a double wall fuel tank makes it more secure due to the fact that it adds an extra containment zone around the internal tank. So, if the outside wall should happen to get damaged or punctured, the inside fuel cell won’t be affected. This type of setup can come in handy on job sites or refueling locations when regulations require double wall tanks.

In addition to the above upgrades, even more add-ons are available. They include components such as:

Fuel Trailer Quick Disconnect Fuel Hose Kit

  • Fuel Meters
  • Lockable Security Caps
  • Marker Flags With LED Lights
  • Roll Cages
  • Quick Disconnect Fuel Hose Kits
  • Tank Fuel Gauges
  • Custom Branded Label Plates
  • Longer Fuel Hoses

These new add-ons are available for most of the gas trailers we manufacture. One of the more popular models, the Contractor 110 Deluxe, comes equipped with a 110 gallon DOT approved refueling tank, an electric fuel pump, and a lockable utility box. This model is a great choice for both commercial and residential construction sites, fleet vehicle and equipment refueling, general aviation, and anywhere portable fueling is needed. Some of it’s most requested upgrades are its fuel meter and filter combo, lockable fuel cap, marker flags, roll cage, and fuel gauge.

Another popular model we build is the Pro 110 Industrial FTS. Similar to the Contractor 110 Deluxe’s tank size, the FTS is equipped with a 110 gallon DOT refueling tank, electric pump, and lockable utility box. But the pre-installed upgrades on this model include its Fuel Transfer System (FTS) to be able to siphon fuel from up to 15 feet away, a 50 foot retractable fuel hose reel, 50 foot retractable grounding cable reel, three-valve configuration for fuel flow directioning, aviation rated 25 GPM pump, aviation rated meter, and a bright LED utility dome light.

We create custom solutions for all our gas trailer models. If an upgrade or add-on works with one of our portable fuel trailers, we make it available to the rest of the fleet, such as our Contractor 110 Manual, Contractor 55 Manual, Traveler 20 Manual, and Pro 110 Industrial.

Visit our home page on gastrailer.com to begin navigating all our our current models and their available add-ons. You can easily browse photos, specs, descriptions, articles, and a host of valuable information on these portable refueling solutions.

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