Fuel Trailers for Sale

Why Choose Gas Trailer Fuel Trailers?

Finding fuel trailers for sale is simple. Use your favorite search engine and you’ll come across massive fuel trailers ranging from 200 to 2000 gallon capacities, but those humongous tanks take a major financial commitment while also requiring you to apply for permits and special licenses. After a lengthy waiting period, you’ll receive your permit only to find out there are other restrictions that take away from the convenience of owning a fuel trailer.

What you won’t find are a lot of fuel trailers that can readily be towed on the highway in the safest, most convenient way possible – unless, of course, you come across fuel trailers for sale from Gas Trailer. Whether you use your gas trailer on your farm, at your construction site, on your landscaping project, or for your boat, it’s important you know you have a trailer that you can safely and legally tow.

Perhaps the most convenient part about fuel trailers from Gas Trailer are the tanks. With a special permit from the Department of Transportation (DOT), you can refill your machinery, fleet vehicles, equipment, and whatever other vehicles need fuel without detaching the fuel tank from the transporting vehicle. With the 12 ft. hose on the Contractor Deluxe 110 model, you won’t have to worry about backing your the trailer to the ideal spot, but rather just getting it close enough to effectively use your gas station on wheels.

If that quick and convenient refueling method didn’t convince you that our fuel trailers for sale are superior to the larger models out there, then the ability to transport more than just non-flammables will. While most fuel trailers for sale only allow you transport liquid or diesel, Gas Trailer fuel trailers  are built to safely transport and store gasoline, avgas, and kerosene. From the size and weight to the lighting and and wheels, every component of our fuel trailers is fabricated to DOT standards with detail and safety in mind.

And when we build our fuel trailers to those high standards, it is all done right here in the United States. We are proud to provide a product that makes life a little easier and safer for the American worker, which is why we also strive to employ and partner with individuals and business throughout the US.

That tough, American-made standard is apparent in the design of our tanks. While many fuel trailers for sale feature oversize, bulbous tanks, our fuel trailers feature rugged aluminum construction with diamond plating that ensures longevity, strength, and stability.

You can add optional equipment or customize your fuel trailer to meet the needs of your business or personal use by adding notes to your order or contacting us directly. We’re up to the challenge of finding a solution that meets the demands of your life, so contact us or locate a Gas Trailer dealer to find a fuel trailer for sale near you.

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