Fuel Trailers Are Helpful During Emergencies

Emergencies, they happen in a blink of an eye and even though there’s no way to prevent them, there are different ways to prepare for them so your life isn’t completely turned up-side-down when they do happen. One of the things that you can do to prepare for an emergency is to have a fuel trailer in place. 

The first reason why having a gas trailer should be a part of your plan when preparing for an emergency is due to the fact that is ensures that you have access to fuel when it might not be available. For instance, maybe you live on the east coast and are continually hit hard by tropical storms during hurricane season. Or worse yet, you’ve had to deal with multiple hurricanes. Now think about what happens during those storms and hurricanes, you’re unable to get fuel since you can’t navigate your way to the local gas stations or they’re simply closed. So, if you own a fuel tank trailer and always keep it filled with fuel, you won’t have to worry about going without it whenever a storm hits.

A second reason why having a gas tank trailer should be a part of your emergency plan is because of what it will allow you to do when the emergency hits. Let’s go back to the example of the tropical storms. During these storms, people are typically without power since it just goes out with the high winds and pouring rain. If you have a mobile fuel trailer, you can keep the power on by using the gas you stowed away to power a generator so you and your family do not have to sit in the dark.

The second reason leads us to the third reason why fuel trailers are something that you should have in place in case of an emergency, which is what one will allow you to do after the actual emergency hits. Again we’ll go back to the tropical storm emergency scenario. When the storm finally passes, there will probably be a bunch of clean-up that will need to take place and if there’s no gas to put into the chainsaw and other machinery that needs to run in order for that to happen, that clean-up will take much longer than it really needs to. Therefore if you have one all fueled up and ready to go, you can get clean-up done faster so your life can get back to normal quicker.

We have a number of different portable gas trailer models to choose from that would work very well in emergency situations. The first is the Contractor 110 Deluxe model that features a 110 gallon fuel capacity, bright LED lights, durable wheels, a heavy duty and lockable utility box, a 15 gallon per minute electric pump, and an automatic shut-off nozzle. Another option is the Contractor 110 Manual model that is just like the deluxe version, but doesn’t have the electric pump. And if you really want to be prepared, you could purchase the Pro 110 Industrial FTS model that features a fuel transfer system.

To look into which portable fuel trailer would be right for you, simply visit our website or head to a local dealer in your area. With no telling when an actual emergency will hit, it’s imperative that you’re prepared for it and a smart way to do just that would be to purchase a fuel trailer for sale. By having one in place, you’ll be all set in terms of fuel needs when one does happen, giving you piece of mind that you’ll be able to weather the storm if one should happen to hit.

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