Fueling Convenience

Fuel Tanks Ready For Fabrication
Fuel tanks ready to be with a trailer

Having to take time out of your day to fuel up your vehicle, boat, or machinery at a gas station means losing time? This is time that could be better put to use accomplishing something productive such as finishing the yard work at your cottage, getting work done at your current construction site, or catching a trophy fish on the open water. Even though you can’t get that time back, there is a way for you to prevent losing it again in the future and that is with one of the fuel trailers we manufacture.

Fueling convenience defined

The fueling convenience you get from a gas trailer is due to the fact that it’s designed to let you store and transport the extra fuel you need, while keeping you from having to make multiple trips to the gas station when it’s time to refuel a piece of equipment or ATV. For example, maybe you like to ride ATV’s around the trails with your friends during the weekend to blow off steam and one of the things you always have to do is get your fleet refueled at an out of the way gas station, which takes time away from your riding. Well, if you don’t feel like making that out of the way trip every time, bring a portable fuel trailer with you when you ride to refuel all your ATV’s on-site and go.

On top of that, if you do happen to run out of fuel out on the trail, tow the gas trailer right to your ATV to fuel it up and get it running. Since the trailer is a mobile fuel tank, it can be hauled almost anywhere thanks to its design that we’ll focus on next.

The fuel trailer design

What makes fuel trailers so portable is the fact that they’re actual trailers. When the trailer is paired with the right fuel equipment, custom fabrication, and quality controlled assembly, a beautifully looking and fully functional mobile gas station on wheels is the result. All of the models in our Gas Trailer line are built right, consisting of a forged frame from one piece of metal instead of separate channels and pieces, torsion axles with easy lube hubs are over-rated to compensate for optional upgrades or equipment, sharp-looking polished aluminum wheels, radial E-rated tires for long life wear, and other high quality components such LED lighting, auto-charging trailer wiring, and removable tongues. This type of a trailer set-up provides the sturdy base for a fuel tank and pump to securely mount on top of it. The result is a portable refueling piece of equipment that allows you to conveniently transport and discharge gasoline, diesel, Avgas, kerosene, and other fuel blends.

Different models

At Gas Trailer, we’re continuously improving and developing our product line because we want to offer our customers solutions that closely meet their refueling needs. We have models in different sizes like the Contractor 55 Manual that has a 55 gallon fuel tank along with the Contractor 110 Manual that has a 110 gallon storage tank. Also, we have units that come equipped with different features like the Contractor 110 Deluxe that has an electric fuel pump or the Pro 110 Industrial FTS that has a fuel transfer system.

The choices don’t stop there either because we have other models to choose from too. Plus, we have a variety of options and upgrades as add-on for each model. To see them all, browse our website or to see one in person, find a dealer near you.

Other beneficial scenarios

Not only is a mobile fuel trailer a good choice for having along when you’re at the cabin, in the woods, or just taking the ATV out for a ride, but one would be a good option for using in the following scenarios:

Traveler 20 Manual
Take a Traveler 20 Manual on your next cross-country trip
  • At a boat marina or dock
  • At a rental equipment business
  • In general aviation and airport use
  • On a farm or agricultural environment
  • When traveling or taking a cross-country trip

Take back your time

In the end, if you want to save time and avoid those multiple gas station time wasting trips, get a portable fuel trailer. Any one of our gas trailers is a smart investment since it will allow you to use your time more efficiently and take back countless wasted hours each year. Visit gastrailer.com to see which model best fits your refueling needs.

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