Gas Tank Trailer

Why Choose a Gas Tank Trailer from Gas Trailer?

You’ve reached a point where you realize a gas tank trailer is a safer, more efficient way of transporting fuel than using small canisters or traveling to nearby gas stations every time you need fuel at the campsite, lake, hangar, or work site. Now, it’s important you understand the advantages of Gas Trailer over competing manufacturers and why you should choose a gas tank trailer from Gas Trailer.

First and foremost, it’s important you realize how our customers feel about the gas tank trailers they have purchased from Gas Trailer. Ralph, one of our customers in Maine, recently purchased a Gas Trailer for his family’s weekends in the boat, and he was thoroughly satisfied with their experience.

“Truly the easiest way to fuel a boat. Finally a way out of lugging numerous 5 gallon cans to the dock, Ralph said.“I’m impressed, the unit filled 32 gallons in less than 5 minutes. That’s more boat time and less work for me!”

Although Ralph and his family have enjoyed the final product, it is a culmination of quality materials and hard work that sets Gas Trailer apart from our competitors. And those quality materials come from right here in the United States. With our headquarters located in Green Bay, WI and all major Gas Trailer components coming from American manufacturers, we are proud to say each and every gas tank trailer is made in the USA.

Perhaps the best aspect of Gas Trailer products is the special permit from the Department of Transportation, which makes fueling your equipment faster and easier than ever before. With that permit, Gas Trailer owners not only can tow a gas tank trailer to whatever destination they choose, but they also can fuel their equipment without detaching the trailer from the transporting vehicle. With a 15’ hose and and a 15 GPM flow rate, your fueling needs are met with more convenience than ever before.

Additionally, we understand your needs are not necessarily the same as Ralph’s or any of our other customers, which is why we allow for complete customization. We listen to the needs or our customers and partner with talented manufacturers to help you create a gas tank trailer that meets the demands of your business or your life. We also offer component upgrades such as a double-walled fuel tanks, a deep cycle marine/RV batteries, and a fuel meter/filter combos for each Gas Trailer model. If you want even more personalization, we can create branded badge label plates so you are well-represented on your diamond-plated fuel tank trailer.

When it comes to a fuel tank trailer, Gas Trailer is the smart choice. With a growing group of Gas Trailer distributors throughout the country and our continued hard work and innovation, we are confident we can fabricate a gas tank trailer that is right for you.


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