The Fuel Storage Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Gas Trailer

Storing fuel in bulk quantities for private use is almost unheard of because no one wants to have a bunch of plastic gas containers strung throughout their garage, barn, or storage shed. The thing is, now there is a way to store fuel in larger quantities and that is with a portable gas trailer. One would be a good fuel storing alternative to using those clumsy plastic containers.

The gas trailer design

What makes it feasible for you to store fuel in large quantities using a mobile gas trailer is based on how it is designed. Typically, this type of equipment has two major components. The first is a sturdy fuel tank where the fuel itself is actually stored. It can be single or double walled with a varying storage capacity ranging anywhere from being able to hold 20 gallons of gas to 55 gallons of gas up to 110 gallons of gas, depending upon how much fuel you want to have on hand. The second major component of a gas tank trailer is transportability. As the name of the product line indicates, it has trailer configuration that permits you to haul it behind a car, truck, or any rated vehicle that has a tow package. The trailer configuration itself will feature regular trailer components including bright LED lights, torsion axle with easy-lube hubs, sharp looking wheels, radial tires, coupler, safety chains, and wiring harness.

Getting, hauling, storing, and delivering fuel is effortless with a fuel trailer

When you want to obtain fuel and store it, all you have to do is make your way to a gas station, fuel up your gas tank trailer, and head to the destination where you want to ultimately store your fuel. Once at on-site at, all you have to do is park it in place and it’s ready to go. Really, it’s that easy. Some of the places where gas trailers are ideal for storing fuel include at your residence, your cottage, your business, at a construction job site, at an airfield, at a boat landing, or at your campsite or hunting lodge.

Now when you want to deliver and use the fuel that you have stored, that process is just as simple as it was to obtain it. Why? A gas trailer is equipped with a fuel pump and nozzle similar to those you find at a gas station. They come in both manual and electric fuel pump versions.

So, when you’re ready to fuel up a boat, car, Gator, ATV, or any other piece of machinery that needs fuel, the only thing you must do is bring it to the gas trailer and top off its tank. It’s that convenient. And if the equipment just can’t be pulled up to the gas trailer’s location, not to worry, you can easily move the trailer into the best refueling position needed.

The choices

With gas trailers, you might not think that there would be a lot of portable selections to choose from, but quite the opposite is true. There are different Gas Trailer branded models on the market. Current models available include the Contractor 110 Deluxe, the Contractor 110 Manual, the Contractor 55 Manual, the Traveler 20 Manual, the Pro 110 Industrial, and the Pro 110 Industrial FTS.

Where to buy top quality fuel trailers

The place to get more information on quality fuel tank trailers is, which not only has information on the gas trailers themselves, but the different add-on options and upgrades that are available. If you want to talk to someone in person or see a demo unit, you can access our easy to use Dealer Locator. Just enter your zip code, city, or state and you’ll see the closest Gas Trailer Dealer nearest you.

So, what are you waiting for? Scrap the plastic gas containers and store fuel the right, safe way with a portable fuel trailer. It’s the fueling storage solution that you’ve been looking for.

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