New Fuel Trailer Upgrades

Gas Trailer License Plate Holder
This license plate holder is one of the new Gas Trailer options that’s available. It allows you to easily mount a license plate on a fuel trailer.

Over the past few months, we’ve been been improving our gas trailer models to make them more efficient and convenient for operators to use. After going over our designs and learning a few tips and tricks to make refueling easier, we built and fabricated a handful of new optional upgrades. These customizations allow users to build a portable fuel trailer that best works for their needs. Read on to learn more.

75′ Hose Reel with 100′ Ground Cable Reel

If you need a longer hose, then this is the option for you as it provides the ability to fuel vehicles, machinery, and other equipment up to 75 feet away from the gas trailer itself. The 100 foot grounding cable ensures safe refueling while the 75 foot fuel hose is used. This upgrade is available on the Pro 110 Industrial FTS.

License Plate Holder

This option offers operators an easy way to mount and display a license plate on their fuel trailer. It’s extremely visible since the license plate holder is designed to be mounted directly at the back of the trailer, underneath its two taillights. The license plate holder is crafted from stainless steel and features slides and a lip to secure the license plate in place. This option is available for all of our gas trailer models.

Fire Extinguisher

Safety is a top priority when it comes to our mobile fuel trailers, which is why we’re making a fire extinguisher available for our electric rigs. This option is designed to mount inside the enclosed control boxes of our Deluxe and Pro models.

Drain Pipe Lock

Unfortunately, fuel theft can be a problem and to help prevent that, we’re now offering a drain pipe lock. It’s designed to be installed through fuel tank’s drain plug pipe, making the head of the drain plug inaccessible. The lock tube is made of durable metal, plastic coated, and has weatherproof covers. It can be used with all of our Contractor and Pro models.

Manual Pump with Ground Cable Assembly

This upgrade is intended to be used with our pump-ready models such as the Economy 110 Refueler. The dual-flow hand pump allows you to discharge fuel at a half a gallon per stroke while the grounding cable assembly assures safe grounding by preventing static sparking. Everything comes in one package and requires basic installation.

Flammable Liquid Decals

When hauling gasoline and other Class 3 liquids on the road, labels indicating what hazardous material is being transported are required. They feature an adhesive glue side, making them easy to install and long-lasting. Offered in three-packs, they’ll bring your portable gas trailer into compliance with labeling requirements. Our Contractor and Pro models come pre-labeled, but these labels will be a great option to add to an Economy 110 Refueler that is pump-ready for you to use any fuel you like.

In addition to the new options, we also have a long list of other upgrades available. They include:

Quick Disconnect Fuel Hose Kit
This Quick Disconnect Fuel Hose Kit allows you to detach and separate the fuel hose from the pump.
  • Lockable Security Fuel Cap
  • Quick Disconnect Fuel Hose Kit
  • Marker Flag Poles with LED Lights
  • Branded Badge Label Plates
  • Double Wall Fuel Tank
  • Split Fuel Tank
  • Siphon Hose Kit

To see all the options available for our different gas trailer models, check out the gas trailer model pages, such as the Economy 110 Refueler page or the Contractor 110 Deluxe page, and click on the Options/Upgrades tab. There, the options are shown along with pictures and a description of each.

We always trying to come up with ways to make our gas trailers more convenient for our operators to use. For that reason, make sure to check back with us on our blog to see what we’re developing next as new customer requests continue to pour in.

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