Trucking a Portable Refueling Business Forward

Business Planning and Strategy

As Gas Trailer operations have grown over the past few years, so have our manufacturing processes, dealer and distribution network, refueling equipment offerings, and approach to moving the business forward. The following video was put together to showcase what we’re currently doing:

The key markets and industries our portable fuel trailers are being operated in include:

  • Construction and Contractors – Commercial and residential job sites or as mobile jobbers.
  • Disaster Relief and Recovery – Government, business, and individual for on-site or field use.
  • Fleet Operators – Businesses with multiple pieces of equipment or vehicles.
  • Aviation and Airports – General Aviation airplanes and helicopters, maintenance and field operations.
  • Boating and Marinas – Personal watercraft as well as portable jobber refueling.
  • Personal – Individuals that want a time-saving convenience over non-efficient methods.

Check out the Functionality page on our site to see even more portable refueling uses and possibilities.

With our DOT compliant aluminum fuel tanks, each of our fuel trailers are designed for use with gasoline, diesel, kerosene, Avgas, jet fuels, ethanol, and other fuel blends. Off the factory floor, each unit is fully equipped to handle gasoline or diesel. But with a few swap-out pump modifications, our refueling rigs will work with liquid fuel types we’re setup for.

Current popular models include:

New Fuel Trailer Models

As we begin 2014 and look towards future gas trailers to come, currently in the works is a generator model, economy model, and stand-alone double wall construction refueling station.

The generator model will be our Generator 110 Pro and pack a 110 gallon gasoline fuel tank to supply the Generac XP Pro Series 10K generator. With the Generator 110 Pro, construction companies can run a non-powered work site for more than a week while disaster relief preparations will allow this unit to plug-and-play a home encountering a disaster or power outage for up to a week.

The economy model is being built as our budget model and will be the Economy 110 Refueler. To save on costs, but without sacrificing quality or safety, it will be equipped with a powder coated steel trailer frame instead of our regular aluminum frames, standard painted trailer wheels instead of our regular polished aluminum wheels, bias ply trail tires instead of our radial tires, a rectangular aluminum diamond plate surface fuel tank without the extra front-angle design our Contractor and Pro models have, and it will be pump-ready. We’ll have both manual fuel pump and electric pump options available allowing operators to install either one of our optional pumps or their own fuel pump.

The double wall construction refueling station will be the Fuel Station 150. The starting fuel tank size of the unit will be 150 gallons, but we’ll also have 250 gallon and 250 gallon split-tank models. The split-tank model will allow two separate fuels to be used at the same time with two separate 125 gallon fuel cells and two separate pumps. Equipped with manual pumps on the base models, electric pump options will be available including the battery to power the pumps, AC wall charger, and solar power panels to maintain pre-charged batteries. This way, either close to an electric source or not, these units will be truly built for field use.

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