Portable Fuel Trailers Are A Must At Any Logging Site

Logging, it’s a demanding industry that comes down to one thing: meeting deadlines. If deadlines aren’t met, then money is not made. It’s as simple as that. So, when workers are stuck waiting around for fuel because there’s not enough stored on the job site instead of working, there’s a good chance that profits are turning into losses. To prevent this kind of profit and productivity loss in the future, turn to portable fuel trailers so your logging job site is never without fuel again.

A fuel tank trailer features a design that includes a large, empty fuel tank where fuel can be stored and then pumped with a gas nozzle that you would see at a regular gas station. Just like the name indicates, it’s an actual trailer itself with a regular trailer set-up, like that of a boat trailer or a storage trailer, that has wheels, lights, and a hitch ball. It can be attached to any vehicle that has a towing capacity to transport it wherever you want to.

The design just mentioned is the most basic design that a mobile fuel trailer can have due to the fact that they’re available with a wide variety of options, something that is seen at our Gas Trailer website. For instance, you can purchase one that comes with a manual gas pump or another that has an electric gas pump so you don’t have to do any work whatsoever when you pump your gas. There are some that come with retractable hoses, others that have a lockable enclosed box, and there is even one that features a fuel transfer system. Plus, they’re offered in different sizes ranging from selections that hold 20 gallons of fuel to those that hold 110 gallons of fuel.

In addition to providing fuel for a remote logging job site, mobile fuel trailers can be utilized for other fuel needs as well. For example, if you own a cottage or home that’s not close to a gas station and have want to be able to fuel up your dirt bikes or ATV’s without going anywhere, even your lawn mower, than you can use one for that purpose. Or, if you own a farm and want to spend more time working, then get a farm fuel trailer. And, if you enjoy flying and are getting tired of having to wait for fuel from the local airport fueling company, then you could purchase one to gas up your plane yourself. The situations where one would be useful are almost endless.

At the end of the day, whether you work in the logging industry or outside of it, a gas trailer is a just must have piece of equipment because of how it lets you store gas and access it when you need it. With a gas trailer around full of gas, you’ll never have to worry about lost productivity due to waiting around for fuel again.

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