Portable Fuel Trailers

Fuel Your Fleet Vehicles with Gas Trailer

Your fleet vehicles may be as small as golf carts or as large as utility vans, but no matter what vehicles your business demands, you need fuel to keep them operational. Whether your customers are driving for recreation or your employees are driving for business, it’s important you have a way to quickly and easily refill your fleet. If you rely on small gas cans or daily trips to the gas station, you’re probably wasting time and/or money. With portable fuel trailers from Gas Trailer, you have access to a portable gas station that helps streamline the refueling process.

No matter the size of your fleet or the vehicles in it, Gas Trailer portable fuel trailers can help ensure each and every vehicle is fueled and ready to go when you need it. If you have been relying on a shed full of gas canisters to manually fill each of your vehicles, you’re not only wasting time and energy, but you’re also creating an unnecessary fire hazard. Portable fuel trailers from gas trailers are the practical choice because of their mobility, but they are the smart choice because of their safety.

Speaking of mobility, Gas Trailer embodies the idea of portable fuel. As your own personal gas station on wheels, Gas Trailers like the Pro 110 Industrial model can be towed to and from any location while the fuel tank is full of gasoline or whatever fuel you might be carrying. With a special permit from the Department of Transportation, you not only can legally and safely tow Gas Trailer portable fuel trailers, but you also can fuel other vehicles without detaching the trailers from the vehicles you used to tow them. Fueling your fleet vehicles is as simple as stopping the trailer within 10 to 15 ft. of your fleet vehicle, pumping gas with the 15 gallon per minute aviation rated pump, and moving onto your next vehicle. Whether your fleet is parked neatly in a row and you want to move down the aisle fueling one after another or you need to transport the fuel to several locations, Gas Trailer portable fuel trailers provide a solution to your fleet refueling needs.

Understanding that your business and industry have certain demands and requirements, we allow our customers to customize their portable fuel trailers to ensure they meet your needs. With a long list of optional equipment that can be added to each tank, you can personalize your Gas Trailer with accessories like an auto shutoff nozzle, a Deep Cycle Marine/RV battery, branded badges and labels, and even an Aviation Rated Upgrade Package that includes the best available components. If you have special requests for you portable fuel trailers, simply contact Gas Trailer and we’ll be happy to work and come up with a strategy to fabricate a Gas Trailer model that meets the demands of your business.


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