Portable Fuel Trailers Have Multiple Uses

Over the last couple of years, portable fuel trailers have grown in popularity and one discovery that we’ve made is that our gas trailers have multiple uses. But if you’re still on the fence, read on because you’ll see how versatile they really are.

Use Number One: Hauling fuel from place to place

Okay, so this use is pretty obvious since that’s what these mobile fuel trailers were designed to do. A gas trailer will come equipped with a gas tank that can be filled with fuel, gasoline or diesel; a fuel hose, nozzle, and pump; and a towing set-up so it can be attached to whatever truck, car, or vehicle that you want to tow it with. Once you have it filled with fuel, whether it’s by doing so at a gas station or by siphoning gas from a piece of equipment that’s being unused, you can pretty much take it wherever you like.

Use Number Two: Providing fuel for different equipment, vehicles, and machinery

The main way you can use a portable fuel trailer is to fuel up different types of equipment, vehicles, and machinery without having to take it to an actual gas station. For example, maybe you own a car dealership and have an employee who is constantly taking cars to the gas station when they’re running low on fuel. Well, in place of him driving the cars to the gas station, you could have a fuel trailer at your dealership where he could gas up the cars instead saving him time, energy, and your money. One would also work well to fuel up construction equipment, ATV’s, boats, and even airplanes or helicopters.

Use Number Three: Storing fuel in bulk quantities for future

Another way to use gas tank trailers is to store fuel in bulk quantities to have it in case of emergencies. There are models, such as the Pro 110 Industrial gas trailer, that allow you to store up to 110 gallons of gas in one place, at one time. It’s pretty convenient, especially when a natural disaster strikes, which could result in you not being able to purchase fuel. Plus, storing gas or diesel fuels can be a cost saver, which will be discussed next.

Use Number Four: Reducing costs associated with fueling and refueling

Given that you can use gas trailers to store gas in bulk quantities, you can use them to drastically reduce your costs associated with fueling and refueling equipment, vehicles, and machinery. For instance, if you’ve heard that gas prices are going to sky rocket in the next week or two, you can take your gas trailer to the gas station, fill it up to the brim, and store that fuel to use it at a later date in place of the high priced gas at the gas station. Plus, you also save money by not having to drive back and forth to a fueling station, cutting down on the gas you spend to do that along with the labor costs associated with that back and forth travel.

As you can now see from the above examples, mobile fuel trailers have multiple uses. If you think that you could use one at your work site, home, business, or cottage, check out the models that we offer at our Gas Trailer website. We have a variety to choose from which makes it easy to find the exact one for your needs.

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