Cut Down Fuel Costs With An Aviation Fuel Trailer

Flying can get pretty expensive, especially when it comes to purchasing the fuel that keeps your plane up in the air. At the airfield, the cost of MoGas, Regular, or Unleaded Pump Fuel can sometimes be double, even triple the price compared to an offsite fueling station. Talk about expensive, right? There is a way to cut down on your airplane fuel costs and that’s by using an aviation fuel trailer. One would be a smart investment if you’re flying consistently.

Designed with fueling flexibility in mind, an aviation fuel trailer is all about convenience and allows you to easily haul fuel into any airfield or airport hangar where your airplane may be stored. One will typically come equipped with a fuel tank, pump (manual or electric), and hose along with a trailer arrangement consisting of an sturdy base resting atop an axle, high volume travel tires, lights, and all the necessary electrical hook-ups. It can be hauled behind most vehicles (including larger cars or trucks) with a trailer hitch, provided that your vehicle has enough power.

At Gas Trailer, there are two different models that are specifically designed for aviation use. They include the Pro 110 Industrial and the Pro 110 Industrial FTS models. Each comes standard with an aviation rated fuel pump, an aviation rated fuel meter, and a 110 gallon capacity, making it safe to use with aviation gasoline (AVGAS 100LL) or kerosene grade (JET A).

The one main difference between these two options is that the FTS version comes with a fuel transfer system. The nice thing about this system is that it provides you with a quick, convenient way to siphon fuel from an external source and then transfer that fuel to wherever else you might need it to go. So, maybe you have an airplane that isn’t being used all that much. Well, what you could do is use the fuel transfer system and transfer its fuel to another aircraft that is used more often.

Now although the Pro 110 Industrial and the Pro 110 Industrial FTS models are designed to specifically be used in an aviation type atmosphere, they’re still a top quality option for using in other scenarios where fuel is needed as well, and with gasoline, diesel, or other fuel blends. For example, maybe you like to ice fish in the winter and need gas for the generator at your ice shanty. To avoid having to transport multiple gas containers out to your ice fishing spot, you can use a gas trailer in their place. A total of 22 five gallon containers equals one 110 gallon portable fuel trailer and by using one, you can eliminate the need to fill, transport, and physically move each one when you need to gas up your generator. Additionally, a few other fueling scenarios where one would work well consist of at a construction site, at a car dealership, at a marina, or on a farm.

When it all comes down to it, a mobile aviation fuel trailer would be a smart investment since it offers you a way to cut down on the cost of fueling your airplane. We have dealers throughout the country and to find a dealer in your area so you can start saving money on fuel, click here to go to our dealer locator page.

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