Race Car Fuel Tank Trailer

Refuel Your Racecar with a Gas Trailer Fuel Tank Trailer

Few American traditions rival automotive racing. Whether it’s on the biggest NASCAR stage or the local track, auto racing provides excitement for drivers, spectators, and pit crews alike. Although pit crew members are in the position they are in because of their skill sets and their passion for racing, they also rely on certain equipment to help them get the job done quickly and accurately. While most pit crews use gas tanks to fuel their cars, a fuel tank trailer with an aviation-rated pump can be a safer, more reliable, and most importantly, faster alternative to manually filling a gas tank.

In fact, with a fuel tank trailer from Gas Trailer equipped with a fuel transfer system (FTS) like the Pro 110 Industrial FTS, pit crew members can save time by utilizing the 12-volt aviation rated fuel pump, 50 ft hose reel, and the 25 GPM flow rate. With a Gas Trailer in a pit crew’s arsenal, fueling a vehicle takes less time. Rather than having gas cans lying around that could easily be spilled and ignited with a small spark, pit crews have a safe, durable refueling solution that is best for the team.

When precious seconds matter at the track, racing teams can’t afford to waste time or resources during a pit stop, which is why a Gas Trailer fuel tank trailer provides advanced components and a smart design that streamlines the refueling process. With features like the GPI automatic shutoff nozzle, a Reelcraft Spring Retractable Fuel Delivery Reel, and a fuel tank designed with durable aluminum rather than steel, a pit crew can rely on a fuel tank trailer from Gas Trailer time and time again at the track.

Since each Gas Trailer fuel tank trailer rides on 12-inch aluminum polished wheels, can easily be towed down the highway, and has a special permit from the Department of Transportation that allows users to refuel equipment without detaching the fuel tank trailer from the towing vehicle, taking your Gas Trailer to and from the track is much easier and safer than hauling gas cans.

The American tradition of auto racing deserves an American product behind the scenes, and Gas Trailer fuel tank trailers are as American as they come. Based in Green Bay, WI and manufactured using components from various parts of the United States, Gas Trailer prides itself on its commitment to American values and its emphasis on a true American product.

Whether you are an aspiring professional race car driver or you simply see racing as a hobby, a Gas Trailer fuel tank trailer can give you an edge over the competition and be a sleek, stylish addition to your pit crew’s repertoire. Find a Gas Trailer distributor in your area and find out how Gas Trailer is changing landscape of the portable fuel industry.

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