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Feedback – Refueling On The Ranch

Owning a ranch is a huge responsibility with all the work that needs to be done to maintain it. With only so many hours in the day, ranch owners need to be efficient because if they aren’t, they won’t be able to complete their projects on time. That’s why most ranchers look for a way to work smarter and not harder like our customer Mark from Castle Rock, CO. He made the decision to purchase a gas trailer to use on his ranch and here’s a testimonial about his experience with his new piece of equipment.

The Decision to Buy

Plastic and Metal Gas Containers
This is a picture of the plastic and metal gas containers Mark once used to refuel equipment and machinery on his ranch.

Mark made the decision to purchase a gas trailer when he became frustrated with using smaller plastic and metal gasoline containers around his ranch, as well as a handful of diesel jugs. He would use the containers to store and haul fuel, taking that fuel to the equipment, vehicles, and machinery that he needed to refuel on a daily basis in order to complete his work.

He got tired of having to use the plastic and metal fuel cans for a few different reasons. One, they didn’t store a lot, which required him to not only have a lot of them around, but he also had to make multiple trips to the gas station to refill them quite often. So, he was wasting storage space and time. Two, they were cumbersome to use. Every time that he needed to refuel a vehicle or another piece of equipment, he had to lift and pour the fuel out of the container. This again wasted time, not to mention how it started taking a toll on him. And three, he didn’t like how they weren’t very sturdy or secure. He’d always have to take the time tie them down and fasten them to the bed for the truck before transport.

Gas Trailer Model Purchased

Realizing that plastic and metal gas cans were hindering his work efforts, Mark reached out to us at Gas Trailer to learn about our different portable fuel trailers. After reviewing information on our website and talking with us, he decided to purchase a Contractor 110 Manual. This model features a 110 gallon tank that is DOT approved, is built on a DOT compliant trailer, is equipped with a manual hand pump discharging fuel at a half a gallon per stroke, and pops with bright LED lights.

Gas Trailer With A Split Fuel Tank
Mark’s split fuel tank gas trailer.

However, instead of going with the base Contractor 110 Manual, Mark choose to make a few changes to it and take advantage of the different fuel trailer options and upgrades that we have available. Right now, we have over 15 to choose from.

Specifically, he wanted to customize his unit with the split-tank upgrade. This option gave him two separate 55 gallon tanks with two separate pumps allowing him store two different types of fuel. The reason he wanted the upgrade was because the equipment he needed to fuel up at his ranch runs on both diesel and gasoline, so now he can keep all his machinery running with the fuel from just one fuel trailer. This is just another way that Mark is able to save time when working throughout the day.

What It’s Used For

Mark uses his fuel trailer on a daily basis on his ranch even though there are gas stations close to where he lives. He said that pretty much every morning, he tops off most of the equipment he’ll need to run that day, such as his Polaris Ranger, ATV, or Bobcat and John Deer tractors. In addition, he also uses it to fill up his truck and any other equipment needed.

Contractor 110 Manual - Split Fuel Tank
Refueling equipment on the ranch.

Due to the fact that the gas trailer itself features sturdy aluminum construction with dependable radial wheels, Mark hauls it around his ranch for refueling purposes and doesn’t have to worry about anything getting damaged like he did when he used the plastic and metal gas containers. It’s provided him with safe fuel storage and transfer, something that was not the case with what he was using before.

The Results

For Mark, purchasing a gas trailer really does mean he’s able to work smarter, not harder. It’s offered him a convenient, time saving way to handle the fueling needs on his ranch. This has allowed him to devote the time he’s now saving to more important projects, helping him be more productive and get more done.

How To Get Your Own Gas Trailer

If you’re thinking about getting your own gas trailer, visit our portable fuel solutions home page or check out any of our model pages, like the Contractor 110 Deluxe, to see the different options available. There are many to choose from and remember, each has a variety of upgrades so you can get the right one to match your fueling needs.

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