The Possibilities Are Endless

Airplane Hanger
Pilots and Aviation Equipment
Tired of waiting on fuel truck schedules to gas up your airplane or helicopter? No longer want to pay fluctuating field prices? With any of the Gas Trailer models we fabricate, keep a portable fuel solution at your hangar and never be without direct access to gasoline, Avgas, or Jet A. When you want to fly, top off your tanks and go!
Gas Trailer Fueling Jet Ski on the Water
Boating and Marinas
Low on fuel but don’t want to call it a day? Your marina or dock doesn’t have a gas station? By owning and towing any of our Gas Trailer models on location, you now have fuel when and where you need it. Plus, you won’t get stuck with ever-rising dock markups because you planned ahead and brought your own supply. Refuel at your convenience and keep the fun going!
Contractors and Construction Equipment
Save time and money by adding a Gas Trailer refueling rig to your equipment arsenal. How much productivity is lost by hauling small jugs of fuel back and forth to the gas station? What is the cost of paying someone else to refuel your machinery? Having a portable fuel station on hand when your backhoe, crane or skid steer or loader needs fuel means you are good to go!
Agriculture Use
Farmers and Agricultural Equipment
Tractor or combine run out of fuel way out in the field? Dreading the long haul of a bunch of small jugs to refuel it? Solve this problem today with any of our Gas Trailer rigs. Save time and make life easier by simply attaching the tongue to a tow vehicle and transporting the portable fuel trailer directly to where the gasoline or diesel is needed. When in position, don’t worry about heavy lifting or manual labor. Just squeeze the nozzle and let it flow!
Race Teams and Race Tracks
Save time and energy by leaving the fuel drums at home. Simply tow any of our Gas Trailer models to the track and setup your own portable fueling station. When your car, truck, bike, or hot rod need to be topped off with high octane or other blends, just pull up to your fast flowing gas trailer and head to the finish line!
Fire and Rescue
Disaster Relief and Recovery
In the unfortunate aftermath of a catastrophe, without fuel, relief can be a long ways away. By having a Gas Trailer portable fuel station on hand, recovery equipment can be fueled and operational. Available in gasoline, diesel, and other fuel-type models, plan ahead and make life easier with a gas trailer.
The Smart Way to Refuel