Fuel Trailer Safe Storage

Safe Fuel Storage is Easy with the Right Fuel Trailer

Although each and every Gas Trailer fuel trailer is ideal for safely transporting gasoline and conveniently refueling everything from boats to race cars, Gas Trailer fuel tanks also provide you one of the safest options for storing fuel. While the tank on a fuel trailer from Gas Trailer provides a secure, sturdy container for your flammable liquids, you need to take further precautions to make sure you are appropriately storing your gasoline, kerosene, avgas, or any other flammable liquid.

Check Local and State Laws

Even when you think you are taking every precaution to safely store gas in a fuel trailer tank, it doesn’t mean you are meeting all local and state regulations. Many states set limits on the amount of fuel homeowners can store (often 25 gallons), so a fuel trailer like the Traveler 20 Manual may be the perfect solution. If you need to store fuel, check with local and state laws and clarify any issues with officials to ensure you are compliant.

Store in a Smart Location

Although Gas Trailer tanks are solid aluminum and provide protection from the elements, it’s still important you store fuel near room temperature. Keep your fuel trailer away from heat sources like windows exposed to the sun or space heaters. It’s also essential you keep your stored fuel at least 50 ft. away from ignition sources like pilot lights. Gas vapors are heavier than the air and will travel further along the ground and potentially combust upon ignition.

Use Caution When Fueling

Since a fuel trailer like the Pro 110 Industrial FTS is essentially a gas station on wheels, it’s important you take advantage of the easy portability. It’s best you bring your fuel trailer outdoors to fuel your equipment to avoid minor spills that could lead to disaster. Whether you want to tow the fuel trailer to your equipment or simply roll it out the shed to fuel your tractor before going out into the fields, it’s important you do so in a well ventilated area.

Although we have taken advanced safety precautions to allow for safe fuel transportation and storage, it’s important you do your part by responsibly storing your fuel. As is true with any flammable substance you store, a lapse in judgement or care can lead to an avoidable tragedy.

To ensure you are getting the most durable fuel trailer, we recommend upgrading your Gas Trailer model to a double-walled aluminum tank. With an additional layer of protection,  vapors are less likely to escape and leaks are next to impossible. All Gas Trailer models are constructed with aluminum rather than steel to avoid rusting after just a few years of use. We realize your fuel trailer is going to be used in various conditions and will be exposed to the elements, so we take the necessary steps to ensure long-term durability.

Find out more about our Department of Transportation Compliant fuel trailers and explore our website to find out how a Gas Trailer fuel trailer fits your needs.

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