Safe Fuel Transfer

Fuel Transfer System
Pictured here is the fuel transfer system housed inside the Pro 110 Industrial FTS model.

Sometimes, running out of fuel just happens when you’re driving a vehicle or operating other types of machinery and equipment. Sure, you might plan ahead to prevent it, but even then you might still run out, especially when you’re focused on getting a project done to meet a tight deadline. So, if this happens to you, instead of siphoning fuel from one vehicle or piece of equipment to another using a hose, siphon, and gas can the traditional way, do it safely by using a gas trailer that has a fuel transfer system.

Fuel Transfer System

Transferring fuel using a gas trailer that equipped with a fuel transfer system is much safer than going the traditional route for two main reasons. The first is you don’t have to put yourself in harm’s way when using a fuel transfer system. The system does the work for you unlike doing it the traditional way when you have to actually provide suction to get the siphoning process started, which means you having to actually suck on the siphon hose itself. Siphoning fuel this way can could result in you accidentally swallowing some fuel or worse, having it splash in your face. This isn’t a safe scenario so by using a gas trailer’s fuel transfer system, you can avoid it all together.

The second reason why using a fuel transfer system is safer than siphoning fuel is due to the fact that you don’t have to worry about creating a mess. When you’re siphoning fuel the traditional route, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to spill fuel, something that can be difficult to clean up not to mention how it’s flammable. Like the first scenario, this isn’t safe either and if you use a fuel transfer system, you can drastically cut down on the chance of spilling fuel.

Pro 110 Industrial FTS

At the present time, Gas Trailer has one fuel trailer model equipped with a fuel transfer system, the Pro 110 Industrial FTS. The functionality of this model is what makes it such a valuable refueling piece of equipment. You can siphon fuel from external sources up to 15 feet from the gas trailer itself and then with the optional siphon hose, along with the included 50 foot hose reel, you can transfer fuel up to 65 feet in total distance. Sixty-five total hose feet means a lot of fuel transfer flexibility.

In addition to the FTS system, the Pro 110 Industrial FTS model also features:

  • A DOT approved 110 gallon fuel tank
  • An electric aviation rated fuel pump
  • An aviation rated fuel meter
  • An automatic shutoff nozzle
  • A retractable fuel delivery reel
  • A grounding cable reel

Not only is a gas trailer like the Pro 110 Industrial FTS a great option for transferring fuel between multiple pieces of equipment, but it’s also a great choice for transporting fuel from location to location. Plus, it allows for easy fuel storage so you always have gasoline, diesel, Avgas, or other fuels around for when you need it. A few different locations where one would be a good fit includes:

  • Airports and general aviation
  • Construction and contractor work sites
  • Fleet vehicle and equipment businesses
  • Boating and marinas
  • Traveling and personal uses

More Fuel Trailer Options

Now if you don’t need a gas trailer that has a fuel transfer system, yet still are looking for something to store fuel, don’t worry because at Gas Trailer we have other models available too. They include:

Three Different Gas Trailers

Future models include:

  • The Fuel Station 150 , 250, and 250 Split Tank – This line will be stationary fuel tanks.
  • The Economy 110 Refueler – A new economy model to help you save on the cost side.
  • The Generator 110 Pro – Features a 110 fuel tank paired with a Generac XP Pro Series 10K Generator.

In the end, whether you’re looking to transfer fuel from two pieces of machinery or need to transport fuel from place to place, you can find the fueling equipment you need to do both at Gas Trailer. Built in the USA and featuring DOT compliant fuel tanks, you can’t go wrong by adding one of our portable refueling trailers to your equipment arsenal.

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