We Secured Our Patent

Diamond Shape Surface Patterns

We are proud to announce that after two years of working towards securing a patent on our diamond plate fuel tanks on trailers, our design has been officially secured!

The Origin Of Our Patent Idea

When we first began building our portable fuel trailers, one of the main goals we set was to clearly distinguish our product line from anything else on the market. So, when we completed the first builds of all our original gas trailer models, we took a moment to step back and analyze what made them unique. One trait that continually jumped out at us after looking at those first units was the diamond shape surface pattern on the tank.

The diamond plate surface pattern, extremely vibrant and bright shine, and overall aesthetics transformed the entire design of our gas trailers away from the plain and boring look found on other trailers. Instead, our diamond plate finish has turned our models into eye-catching pieces of equipment that people are excited to transport behind their vehicles.

The Decision To Preserve The Design

We decided that in order to preserve the design of the our gas trailers and the key feature that makes them unique, we went ahead and applied for a patent on our diamond plate fuel tank on a trailer design back in early 2012.

After two years of working through the patent application process, our design was officially secured when the patent was issued on December 24, 2013. The patent was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office; Patent Number US D696,160 S. Our claim is the ornamental design for a fuel tank on a trailer with applied diamond shape surface pattern.

What this means

Having a patent in place for our claim means one simple thing: if you see a fuel trailer that has a diamond plate tank on the road, at a boat landing, or at a construction site, it came from us as part of our Gas Trailer line of fuel trailers.

Built in the USA

We’ve dedicated ourselves to building a top quality portable fueling solution that can be used safely in a variety of settings. This patent shows that we’re definitely on the right track to accomplishing that goal combined with the fact that our company operates in the United States of America. We believe that the best, safest, and most solid products are built in the USA. That’s why we strive to employ, work with, and partner with people and business located within our country.

The Models Available

At this time, we have a variety of models available that are protected by our new patent. They include:

Diamond Plate Fuel Trailer
The beautiful shine of diamond plate
  • Contractor 110 Deluxe
  • Contractor 110 Manual
  • Contractor 55 Manual
  • Economy 110 Refueler
  • Traveler 20 Manual
  • Pro 110 Industrial
  • Pro 110 Industrial FTS

Plus, we also have future gas trailer models that will be protected by the patent as well consisting of:

  • Mobile Refueling Stations
  • Generator Gas Trailers
  • Equipment Ready Fuel Trailers

To see specs, photographs, or find out more information on the gas trailer models that we currently have available, please visit our main Gas Trailer webpage. There you will learn everything you need to know about mobile fuel trailers.

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