Feedback – See Gas Trailers In Action!

When we first started Gas Trailer, we wanted to design a portable gas fueling station that was lightweight, safe, easy to use, and cost effective. What we came up with was a top quality mobile gas trailer that could be pulled behind any truck, car or vehicle with a tow package, allowing a person to take fuel wherever it’s needed. Now two years later, our company is going strong and we have had many satisfied customers who swear by our fuel trailer product.

One of those satisfied customers is Todd H. who lives in Hamel, Minnesota who provided the photos for this blog post. He recently got in touch with the President of our company, Keith Kittoe, to let him know that he’s been using the boat fuel trailer he purchased from us back in 2012 almost non-stop. The boat gas trailer he selected at the time was a 55 gallon model and he has used it primarily to fuel up boats, jet-skis, and other water toys.

Here’s what Todd had to say about our mobile fuel trailers:

“I am putting your gas trailer to good use. This summer I have already pumped over 700 gallons of trouble free fuel out of the gas trailer. Current pricing on the lake is $5.49 a gallon I have been purchasing fuel at a local station for under $4 a gallon. The savings have been tremendous. The convenience and ease of use of your gas trailer has been incredible. It’s funny when I am at the gas station how many people come up and ask questions about it. Most have never seen anything so well built and ease of use. It truly is a solid product.”

Todd’s testimonial shows that we’ve achieved our company goal of designing a portable fueling solution that is lightweight, safe, easy to use, and cost effective because of how much money he’s been able to save by transporting gas to where he keeps his boats and jet-skis instead of purchasing it onsite.

The 55 gallon model that Todd purchased in 2012 is actually no longer available since it’s an older model. However, we do have six new updated gas trailers that our customers can now choose from. They include:

  • Contractor 110 Deluxe
  • Contractor 110 Manual
  • Contractor 55 Manual
  • Traveler 20 Manual
  • Pro 110 Industrial
  • Pro 110 Industrial FTS

Each model has different features and in addition to being able to use them to fuel up boats, they can also be used to fuel up cars, trucks, ATV’s, airplanes, and anything else that might need refueling. Basically, they offer flexibility and to learn more about them, please visit our website to find just the right one for your refueling needs by clicking here: Gas Trailers. Also, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help and want you to be completely satisfied with not only the fuel tank trailer that you purchase, but with your overall experience with our company. Just like with our goal of designing a top quality product, we strive to provide industry leading customer service.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to get in touch with us as soon as you can about your refueling needs so you can reap the benefits of owning a gas tank trailer just like Todd from Minnesota!

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