New Fuel Trailer Upgrades

Gas Trailer License Plate Holder
This license plate holder is one of the new Gas Trailer options that’s available. It allows you to easily mount a license plate on a fuel trailer.

Over the past few months, we’ve been been improving our gas trailer models to make them more efficient and convenient for operators to use. After going over our designs and learning a few tips and tricks to make refueling easier, we built and fabricated a handful of new optional upgrades. These customizations allow users to build a portable fuel trailer that best works for their needs. Read on to learn more. (more…)

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Fueling Convenience

Fuel Tanks Ready For Fabrication
Fuel tanks ready to be with a trailer

Having to take time out of your day to fuel up your vehicle, boat, or machinery at a gas station means losing time? This is time that could be better put to use accomplishing something productive such as finishing the yard work at your cottage, getting work done at your current construction site, or catching a trophy fish on the open water. Even though you can’t get that time back, there is a way for you to prevent losing it again in the future and that is with one of the fuel trailers we manufacture. (more…)

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The Fuel Storage Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Gas Trailer

Storing fuel in bulk quantities for private use is almost unheard of because no one wants to have a bunch of plastic gas containers strung throughout their garage, barn, or storage shed. The thing is, now there is a way to store fuel in larger quantities and that is with a portable gas trailer. One would be a good fuel storing alternative to using those clumsy plastic containers. (more…)

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Fuel Trailers Are Ideal For The Open Road

Contractor 55 Manual

When you’re traveling cross-country, the last thing that you want to have happen is to run out of fuel and be stranded on the side of the road, especially when you’re miles away from the gas station. So to prevent this from happening, turn to a portable fuel trailer. It’s ideal for use when you’re traveling the open road. (more…)

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Fuel Trailers Are Helpful During Emergencies

Emergencies, they happen in a blink of an eye and even though there’s no way to prevent them, there are different ways to prepare for them so your life isn’t completely turned up-side-down when they do happen. One of the things that you can do to prepare for an emergency is to have a fuel trailer in place.  (more…)

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Feedback – See Gas Trailers In Action!

When we first started Gas Trailer, we wanted to design a portable gas fueling station that was lightweight, safe, easy to use, and cost effective. What we came up with was a top quality mobile gas trailer that could be pulled behind any truck, car or vehicle with a tow package, allowing a person to take fuel wherever it’s needed. Now two years later, our company is going strong and we have had many satisfied customers who swear by our fuel trailer product. (more…)

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