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Gas Trailer With A Double Wall Fuel Tank
This is a gas trailer that features a double wall fuel tank upgrade.

One of the things that we take pride in at Gas Trailer is that we go to great lengths to manufacture portable fuel equipment that is safe and secure. This is extremely important to us and there is a way to make your gas trailer even safer with our double wall fuel tank upgrade.

Double Wall Fuel Tanks

Before going into how a double wall fuel tank upgrade adds another level of security to our fuel trailers, let’s first focus on how they’re safe and secure even when this upgrade is not added. The reason they’re safe and secure is because we only use quality materials and components in the manufacturing of our tanks and trailers. For example, we use non-rusting aluminum to build most of our rigs which is solid platform with our bending fabrication process, lightweight, and much more corrosion resistant than steel.

In addition to using high quality materials and components, such as aluminum, something else that shows we care about the product we’re producing is how we decided to become a registered trailer manufacturer with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. By being a registered trailer manufacturer, all of the trailers we produce adhere to DOT requirements related to lighting equipment, tires, wheels, axles, sizing, weight, and safety.

We didn’t stop there either. Our fuel tanks have been granted a Special Permit from the DOT that authorizes the manufacture, mark, and selling of these refueling tanks to store and dispense gasoline, diesel, methanol, aviation fuel, and kerosene up to 119 gallons in capacity. A majority of the fuel transfer tanks that are currently on the market aren’t specifically designed for refueling flammable fuels, yet instead only to transport non-flammable liquids or diesel. The refueling tanks that we use are designed and DOT approved for transport and refueling while the refueling tank is still attached to the transporting vehicle. Also, the tanks are DOT approved for flammable liquids that includes gasoline, avgas, and kerosene while still being able to be used with non-flammables and diesel. Please keep in mind, any operator shouldn’t transport flammable liquids without planning and careful consideration. However, from a safety standpoint, you be confident that our models are manufactured with only the correct and safest components.

Close Up Double Wall Fuel Tank
Here is a close up look at the double wall fuel tank upgrade.

Now that you understand the lengths that we’ve gone to, to create a quality refueling equipment option, we can get into why a double fuel tank upgrade adds another level of safety and securing to your fuel trailer. The concept is pretty straightforward really since a double wall fuel tank it adds a second containment zone around the outside of it’s already secure internal tank.

So, if the outside wall should happen to be punctured or incur any kind of damage, the internal fuel cell that is inside of it will not be affected. Likewise, if the internal tank should leak for any reason, the outside tank will contain it. It’s a nice option to add on to any one of our gas trailer models, such as the Contractor 110 Deluxe or the Pro 110 Industrial FTS, especially if you’re going to use it in a more aggressive setting such as a construction work site.

To learn more about the double wall fuel tank upgrade, visit click this phrase: Double Wall Fuel Tank Upgrade. And, to learn more about the different gas trailers that we have available, make your way to our home page where you can easily see the current models we offer. We have a variety to choose from to meet your fueling needs.

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