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Truck-mounted fuel tanks fit the bill for workplace fueling options

Gas Trailer’s Fuel Station 400 Skid makes for efficient fuel transport

Truck-mounted fuel tanks are gaining popularity as an answer to challenges associated with private fleet mobile fueling as well as completing daily business for fuel concierge companies. Bringing fuel to where it’s needed rather than relying on the inefficiency of individual vehicles traveling to a fuel station is the idea behind the Fuel Station 400 Skid from Gas Trailer, a division of Robinson Metal, Inc.

The Fuel Station 400 Skid is a truck-mounted fuel tank that is designed to be bolted into the bed of a pickup truck for safe and secure transport. The unit also can be placed on the ground or a loading dock, giving it limited point-to-point portability with the assistance of a forklift.

Fleet mobile fueling solutions, such as these truck-mounted fuel tanks, save hours of time that otherwise are lost to staff making unproductive runs to retail fuel locations. The Fuel Station 400 Skid gives a single staff member the ability to onboard up to 400 gallons of fuel into four 100-gallon aluminum tanks.

A 25-foot retractable hose reel lets you easily reach the tanks of cars, trucks, airplanes, farm equipment, boats and other motorized vehicles. The unit can carry gasoline, diesel, kerosene, AV gas, and Jet A-1 fuel. An automatic shutoff nozzle minimizes overfills for a pump flow rated at 25 gallons per minute.

Fuel delivery companies depend on truck-mounted fuel tanks

Consumer fuel delivery companies are a growing business trend across the USA, and truck-mounted fuel tanks are their ticket to success. These companies use dedicated app technology to take orders from individual customers within their service area.

One of the company’s trucks will arrive at a customer’s location, typically while the vehicle owner is at work or some other extended-time parking situation. The technician will fulfill service requests much like a full-service gas station would provide, including refueling, tire pressure checks, and window washing.

The Fuel Station 400 Skid can be configured to include a weights and measures meter, along with cloud-based data transfer for reselling fuel at retail.

Make truck-mounted fuel tanks part of your asset mix, and save your company and customers valuable time.

Gas Trailer offers high-quality products for portable fuel solutions

De Pere, Wisconsin-based Gas Trailer specializes in the patented design and production of portable fuel solutions for private, business and commercial customers. A division of Robinson Metal, Inc., Gas Trailer uses industry-leading manufacturing capabilities to produce a wide range of fuel delivery products for stationary and mobile applications.

For more information or to request a quote, call Steve Hartliep, national sales manager for Gas Trailer products, at (920) 615-3438, or visit

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