We Use Quality Components At Gas Trailer

One of the main goals that we have with the gas trailer line we manufacture is to use the highest quality, most cost-effective components available. That is why all of the major components that go into our finalized models primarily come from our business partners located in the United States.

Starting September 27, 2013, we’ll be using a trailer wheel that has a different finish during the next production run of our gas trailers. The wheel itself will remain the same heavy-duty aluminum construction that can withstand the rigors of high volume travel on the road. However, instead of a polished, bright aluminum finish, the interior part of the wheel will actually have a brushed, gunmetal on silver aluminum finish that is equally appealing to the eye. Again, the wheels are exactly the same when it comes to construction and durability, especially when combined with the radial tires mounted on them.

When this fuel tank trailer production run concludes, we’re planning on returning to the brighter polished finished wheel, yet, we could also stay with the gunmetal on silver finished option depending upon customer feedback. We not only care about offering a high end product, but we care about what our customers think.

Either way though, you’re getting a top quality wheel just like you get a top quality piece of equipment with our gas tank trailers. In total, we have six different options to pick from including the Traveler 20 Manual, the Contractor 55 Manual, the Contractor 110 Manual, the Contractor 110 Deluxe, the Pro 110 Industrial, and the Pro 110 Industrial FTS. Each allows you to take fuel where you need it, allowing you to never have to rely on anyone else for fuel again. To see all the options, make your way to our fuel trailer website to see which portable gas trailer would be the ideal one for you. Or, if you want to check one out in person, we have different gas trailer dealers across the country. To see if one is located near you, simply click here: Gas Trailer Dealers.

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