Wisconsin Prepper and Survival Expo

Are You Ready Sign

Are you prepared for a natural or man made disaster? Perhaps you live in an area where there’s hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, droughts, typhoons, blizzards, tsunamis… the list goes on and on. Perhaps you think you have everything you need in case of a disaster. If you simply think to yourself, “I’m safe – nothing ever happens here,” then you could be sorely mistaken.

Disaster Relief and Recovery

What about the other disasters… Terrorism? Solar flares? Atomic attack? Global pandemic? Zombie apocalypse? Would you and your family be able to survive for lengths of time with what you might have in your cupboard? How about survival skills to ward off those who would fight for what you do have? Don’t be up that creek without a paddle because you never prepared. This is why attending the Prepper and Survival Expo in Appleton, WI on Saturday, October 25th from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm will be very beneficial in countless ways.

Players Choice Expo Center
County Road JJ
Appleton, WI 54913

Vendors and Exhibits

You’ll be able to learn how to grow your own seedlings indoors and maintain them. There’ll be professionals you can speak with regarding obtaining your Conceal and Carry License. Essential oils can very beneficial in surviving, as well. Learn how to put your kits together and plan ahead for little emergencies like cuts, bruising, muscle cramps, poison ivy, rashes, and more. There will be a team educating and discussing security measures and self defense. If it comes to literally fighting for your life, would you know how to apply deadly force, let alone, physically defend yourself and protect what’s yours? How about eating plants since you didn’t store enough food, or your food source has completely run out? An exhibitor will be there teaching you what plants are edible and what will kill you – a slight bit of importance when it comes to surviving.

Fuel Availability Scenarios

You’ve just gone through the traumatic experience of a disaster and you’re left with no power… indefinitely. What do you do? Join the 100’s of other nerve-wrecked, hungry, impatient, out-of-sorts people in the super long lines waiting for a gas pump to open at the station you had to drive through wreckage to get to? Or do you take a deep breath and let out a huge sigh of relief because you already have your portable fuel trailer ready to power your generator, fuel your vehicles, or do both?

Contractor 110 Manual Split Tank Model

So you already have a generator, you just need the fuel supply? No problem. The Contractor 110 Manual gas trailer would be perfect. It does not require a battery or electrical components to make it work. So when there’s no power, no worries – you’ll still have a fuel trailer to gas up any equipment, vehicles, or generators you have. Opt for the split tank model and be able to fill each 55 gallon tank with two different types of fuel, such as gasoline and diesel.

Perhaps you’d like to have a generator and a fuel trailer – all in one. The Generator 110 Pro model will fit every single need for that matter. It is not only a 110 gallon aluminum fuel tank sitting on a convenient portable platform, it also contains a 10,000 watt professional grade generator. With these components, you will not only be able to store and transfer gasoline, but be able to pump fuel into your vehicles while powering your home. When plugged in, the generator can power your house for a week on the gas trailer’s fuel supply. To be able to provide a peace of mind, not only for yourself, but also your loved ones and possibly the close friends and family that may need the help these fuel trailers could provide, you could be the solution. There surely would be medical emergencies that would require transportation and electricity to maintain stability. How about crucial medications that need to be stored in a refrigerator? Now you have the means to do so and aid those in need.

Generator 110 Pro Rear Passenger Shot

Don’t Miss the Show

Just because the grid goes down doesn’t mean the quality of life does, too, which is why we’re very proud to be part of something so essential and meaningful. Visit the 2014 Wisconsin Prepper & Survival Expo web page listed above for all the updated show details. Admission is free so you and your family won’t want to miss this immensely beneficial event. Gas Trailer will be there to answer any fuel related questions you may have and to help you choose the fuel trailer that best suites your needs. Feel free to contact us at any time. We’re here to help.